Friday, May 13, 2011

2nd OB appt.

Yesterday's appt. went great. Lab results from Tuesday all are within normal range. My blood pressure was good today -122/78. My urine today was within normal range(they check it before every appt). They listened to the heart beat through my belly/uterus - baby's heart rate was great. My uterus is sticking up just a tiny bit - exactly where it should be. Based on the 5 day embryo transfer, they calculated the due date Dec 7th. I return on Wed, June 8. I am supposed to have my thyroid levels checked before this appt. This will be the first time meeting the actual OB doctor. He will be working in conjunction with the nurse midwives. They did want me to take an extra dose of thyroid medicine 3 times a week. It is their standard protocol during pregnancy. I will start that tomorrow morning. The appt.that happens in July will most likely be another ultrasound - about18 weeks along. Right now, the parents do NOT want to find out the gender of the baby. I havn't decided if I will find out or not. We are all doing good!

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