Wednesday, June 8, 2011

14 week OB appt

Things went great at the appt. today. I had my TSH (thyroid) levels done in the morning,so they had the results in the afternoon at the appt. Last month, they had wanted me to add an extra dose of medication 3 times a week. Well, the levels were a bit low, so they changed it to 2 extra doses a week and want me to have levels rechecked before next months appt.

My blood pressure and the baby's heart rate was great. All within normal range and sounded good. My weight stayed the same from last month - I expect that to change soon!

The next appt will be the big ultrasound. They are supposed to call me back with an appt, but it should be in the next 4-5 weeks. After the appt, we will be meeting with the OB.

I have found it to be more uncomfortable to get to sleep already! Just can't find a comfortable position. Already pulled out my body pillows and extra support pillows! lol

After the appt, I met up with a girl who is starting the surrogacy process. She had her medical screening and has moved on to the legal stuff. She has 2 kids similar in age to mine. We had a nice visit and hope to see her again.

That is about it. My belly is growing!!!!! I will definitely be taking more pics at 16 weeks!

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  1. Glad your doing well! I also had my thyroid meds checked again. My "condition" wasnt really explained very well to me. Turns out I actually dont have a thyroid issue but the high antibodies could turn into a thyroid issue with pg. My TSH levels are great still so Im relieved!! Your looking good!!!