Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Things appeared to be just fine, The baby is measuring at 1 pound 4 oz. Chicken nugget was a wiggle worm today! Heart rate was 143.

I got blood work done today to check my thyroid levels. I will get those results at the appt tomorrow.

The doctor mentioned that there was a little bright spot called a intracardiac echogenic foci. It is found in roughly 3-5% of pregnancies. It may be just a calcium deposit, they're almost always benign and usually disappear eventually. It has no effect on heart function. It is just a spot that the ultrasound can pick up sometimes, especially with the more specialized procedures. It CAN be a marker for downs syndrome or other genetic disorder. The doctor was NOT concerned, there are no other physical signs/markers of abnormalities. He said genetic testing is available if desired, but did not think it was concerning or necessary since there are no other signs. He just wanted us to know since he had seen it. Thanks for having us worry about probably nothing! He wanted us to return in 10 weeks. He wants to make sure that the baby is growing as it should. He mentioned that with IVF pregnancies, there is a slightly higher chance of pre-term labor.

Here is a couple of links that talks a little more about it.



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