Monday, November 14, 2011

37 week appt.

I had an appt today. Everything was great. My strep B test was negative so that is good. If I remember correctly, as long as there are no problems, the baby can leave after 24 hours if this test is negative, otherwise needs to stay 48 hours for monitoring. My blood pressure was 118/80. Baby's heart rate was 142. I gained 2.5 pounds in 6 days!!!!!!! ALL baby, I swear! lol I am feeling enormous! :) They scheduled the next 2 weeks of appts.

The doctor is out next week for Thanksgiving vacation. He will be back on the 30th. He expressed that he would really like to deliver this baby as he has never delivered a baby via surrogacy and would love to be part of the experience and meet everyone involved. It was very sweet.

VERY soon this baby will be here!

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