Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 week follow up

I went today for my 6 week follow up from delivering Grace. My weight is holding steady at 181. I am satisfied at this weight as I am 5'10", but I would like to get down in the low 170's. In order to do that, I will probably have to actually work on it, and well, it is just not high priority.

My blood pressure is good. Everything else looks good. I got my thyroid levels checked before the appointment. After I got home, the lab called to tell me they did not get enough blood to do the test!!!!! WTF?! The guy that did it earlier gave me bruise poking around, did not get very much, but said it should be enough and sent me on my way. I live an hour away! I will make it back soon so they can check those levels. I am guessing that the levels are fine as I am feeling good.

I REALLY like my doctor. I initially was not thrilled about the parents wanting to co-manage the midwives with an OB as I had only worked with the midwives with my children. However, I ended up REALLY liking my physician. He is a tall, skinny, 50-ish year old, gay, black man who is very sweet. He was touchy feely, often holding my hand as he talked or touching me gently on the shoulder. Today, he walked in dabbing tears away and explained he just got done watching a video of his 13 yr old goddaughter giving a speech about MLK, Jr. and he was very proud. :) He hugged me, asked lots of questions of how I was doing, and chatted about other things. If I decide to do a 2nd surrogacy, he is happy to complete paperwork for me. When talking about the possibility of a second surrogacy, he responded that HE wants a child. I smiled and said we should talk. ;) Before he left, he hugged me again, said he admired and respected me for what I have done, and said I love you. Yes, I love you! I laughed and said thank you. Wow, what a nice doctor! :)

So, this should officially wrap up this journey, except for the continued contact I may have with Grace's family.

I am sure I will post more on here with anything surrogacy related. Later this year, I hope to make a decision if I want to experience a second surrogacy journey. I imagine the posts will be few and far between until then. I will check in on other surrogacy related blogs and wish all of you the best in your journeys.

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  1. I look forward to seeing more posts and hope you continue to write, even if you are not doing a journey right now!
    Just so you know...I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog to see what its all about!