Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A new journey moving forward

Meet Enrique and Ricardo from Argentina!   They are in town to take care of some surrogacy business.  Brian and I drove up to Chicago area to meet them in person.  We had a relaxed meeting at the agency.  These guys are genuine and sincere, with great senses of humor.  I am excited about moving forward.  They are comfortable with the blog and me using their first names.

My understanding is that the embryos will be frozen, then transferred to me.  That way, I do not have to synchronize with another woman's cycle.  I was told the egg donor is a beautiful, young woman who is of African/Peurto Rican descent.  This will be her 3rd donation.  Ideally, they will be able to transfer an embryo fertilized from each of them.  They are going to have embryo genetic testing done and will even be able to tell the gender of the embryo.  Pretty amazing.  If possible, they would like to transfer 1 boy and 1 girl.  This all depends on how the embryos thaw and what ones are in the best condition for survival.

If everything goes as planned, they want a transfer between February 23rd to March 2nd.

Next week, we travel to the fertility clinic for my medical and psychological exam.  After I am medically cleared, we can iron out the legal contract and start on hormone injections.

I am ready for a second/final healthy and successful journey.

This is for Enrique's enjoyment:  :)  He was making fun and getting tired of all the Christmas music playing EVERYWHERE he went...even at the hotel pool.  lol



  1. SO EXCITING! You are a rock star Carla!

  2. So do they speak English? How are you feeling about TWO babies? All this freezing and transferring takes place here or to the babies start traveling before they are even born?

    Sounds like things may be a tad easier (Is any of this easy? Poor Dads have to go through so much!) not having to synchronize with another woman's cycle. That is good! (Does that save time?)

    Okay, that is 100 questions. When all I need to say is, VERY COOL! (And how neat is the timing that within one week you get to hug the parents of all the babies you have and will carry?)

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yes, they speak English. Ricardo is less comfortable with speaking it, but I understood everything he was saying. They appreciate when someone here speaks Spanish, so it gives their brain a break. ;) I am bit more nervous about 2 (never had that experience), but hope for pregnancies like I have in the past - pretty "uneventful". I understand the risks and trust my OB will take good care of me.
    While the guys were here, they left their sperm which will be frozen until they retrieve the donor's eggs, then the fertilized embryos will be frozen until transferred to me. The little fertilized cells will reside in a lab somewhere in Chicago until I receive them.
    It is fairly easy using hormones to eventually synchronize 2 women's just makes it a bit less complicated.
    Yeah, THAT is neat! I never thought of it that way! :)

  4. Neat that I got hug all the children/parents of the babies I have/will carry! :)

  5. This is so exciting! Love it love it love it!!!!