Friday, May 10, 2013

Transfer is a go next week!

I had an appt this morning to check uterine lining and bloodwork. Everything looked great (my uterus is all cushy just waiting for those embies to land softly and cozy themselves in for about 9 months).  The embryo transfer will be happening late next week!!!!  Woohoo!  I finish up my Lupron shots tomorrow and start the GIGANTIC progesterone injections in my ass on Sunday!!!!  I also start Endometrin vaginally 3 times daily on Sunday.  I need to keep doing my patches, Estrace, baby aspirin.  I will have an appt. 11 days after transfer for a blood work pregnancy test.  IF pregnant, I will be scheduling a bunch more monitoring appts. with Mr. Weenie Wand.  ;)   For those NOT familiar with this lil' guy - my uterine lining checks and EARLY baby checks are by ultrasound transvaginally.  The instrument they use looks like a skinny weenie....just sayin.  ;)

Wish me sticky vibes!!!!  This is about to get REALLY exciting!

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