Monday, September 30, 2013

1st pre-natal appt. and 11.5 weeks belly pic!

Met up with some girlfriends for dinner, so took advantage of the hair and makeup done to get a decent pic of the belly!  Being my 5th pregnancy, my belly popped out pretty, ummm, yeah....I am ONLY 11.5 weeks, there is only 1 lil' guy in there, and I look like I am 6 months preggo!

On Wednesday of last week, I met with an OB nurse and went through my history and got blood work completed.  Thursday, I met with a midwife.  Baby Jeremias is looking good.  Due to having a bacterial infection, I am to start taking an antibiotic in a couple of weeks, when I reach 2nd trimester.  Everything else is looking good.  I return to see my OB in one month.


  1. Wow, girl! I can't imagine the questions you're starting to get when you're standing in the grocery store line :)

  2. Psh, girl please!!! 'm hoping to pop in week 8. I hat this wiggly stage. Where you know people are askng "Is she fat or just pregnant." It's clear youre pregnant!!! OWN IT!!!

    ...oh, and congrats ;)

  3. Oh, yeah...I am definitely glad it is obvious now and people just aren't wondering... :) ALthough you can't tell in this pic, my breasts are bigger too, which I like. and I venture to guess my husband does too. ;)