Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving forward!

I heard from the agency today. The intended parents decided to move forward with me. Officially, we are matched up! Yay! The next step in the process is the legal contract. I have an attorney that specializes with these types of contracts to contact in the next couple of days. I also had my most recent pap smear last week that I need to request those records and results to be sent to the agency. At the appt, the midwife signed a medical clearance form, so I need to send that. They have already received all my OB/labor/delivery records. Things are moving forward...it could be as soon as 3 months and I may be pregnant! Wow! I am excited to fulfill my dream of being a surrogate! I will keep you updated as new things happen.


  1. It should be 3 months for us too!!! I'm officially matched as of today!

  2. Oh you guys :) Congratulations and happy, healthy days ahead! Love to all, Nana

  3. Carla, this is huge! Congratulations on moving forward with this. You are doing an amazing thing for this family.