Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thyroid antibody blood work results

After reviewing the blood work results that I had completed on Monday, the fertility doctor would like to add Selenium 200 mcg to my medications due to high antibodies present. I guess this is a common drug combination with low thyroid levels. I am still supposed to get blood work done again in 3 weeks. It sucks that we have this glitch in the process! I feel bad that my body was not in perfect condition. I am interested in seeing what changes I feel with the medications. Heck, I am a parent of a 4, 3 and almost 2 year old - of course I am tired! It will be great if I feel better. Hopefully, it will not take long before my levels are where they are supposed to be.

I have an appt. with an OB on Feb 3 to complete the complications only insurance form.


  1. Wow, you are getting really close!

    It occurs to me that when you tell people about your plans you must get a lot of "Oh, wow, I could never do that because..." I imagine this because this spiel is one of the first things that pops into my head every time I think about this topic, although if I think it over for two seconds or so it seems like a rather stupid thing to say.

    What a great side effect of this process to discover your low thyroid and get on meds that will benefit you in the long term, presumably. My mom has taken Synthroid for years.

    I have questions if you don't mind. I hope they don't fall into the category of things you are not supposed to discuss (or don't want to discuss).

    Do you use the phrase Intended Parents just up until a pregnancy is achieved? Do you still say IP then or do you just say "parents"?

    Is there an effort to match IPs and surrogates in terms of how to handle the pregnancy - for example, parents having a preference for an all-natural birth with surrogate preferring a medicated one, or as a contrast, a situation where a c-section would be a judgment call and the parents want to go ahead with surgery but the surrogate wants to try for a vaginal birth?

    (And incidentally, do you have a preferred method of birth?)

    Or what about issues of potential termination - say the IPs wanted to terminate a pregnancy because of a health or developmental problem but the surrogate didn't want to? Or is this all hashed out ahead of time?

    By implanting two embryos you really open yourself up to the possibility of twins. How would your family manage if you had a difficult pregnancy and had to go on bedrest?

    Good luck with the process going forward...

  2. Hi Sue.
    Yes,I get some stupid comments from people, but for the most part, people have been nice and curious about it.

    Probably after becoming pregnant,I will be more comfortable using the term parents, rather than intended parents. I have seen others continue to use the term IP or use the parent's names or initials.....guess it is just up to the person writing.

    Yes, the agency spends some time matching parents with carriers. We all have to complete a written questionnaire, verbal interview, and meet each other in person to see if we all click/like each other. The questions are fairly specific that address what would be an ideal delivery, termination for various reasons, how many embryos will be transferred, and future contact with each other. Much of this is also written in a legal contract that is completed before any medical appointments take place. The agency does a good job matching us up before hand and it is further ironed out during the legal contract phase. Ultimately, I am in control of what happens to my body and this supercedes everything.

    My preferred method of birth is vaginal with epidural. I was disappointed with my first after succumbing to an epidural after 25 hours of later, then delivering 7 hours later, but my body did well with it....I could feel when I needed to push. It made it easier for me to choose this method for my next 2. I don't mind the hospital setting as I always had good experiences. I am attracted to home birthing and natural birthing and respect people who choose this path, but had good experiences with the route I chose too.

    Yes, we are aware of the high probability of carrying twins. If problems develop from this, there are stipulations put in place to cover childcare and housekeeping issues if I am placed on bed rest. I hope like crazy that there are no major issues!

    Let mek now if you have any other questions.