Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thyroid levels

Well, my thyroid is within normal range for general population-somewhere around 3.5. However, the fertility doctor would like to see it a bit lower for pregnancy, soooooooo, they have increased the Synthroid from 50mcg to 75mcg and I am to continue on the Selenium 200 mcg. They want me to get blood work done again on Feb 22nd! An entire month away!!!!! ugh! I understand the need for my body to be at optimal levels, but geesh! My body reacted to the medication well...I just wish we could preemptively start the other hormone medications, expecting the thyroid levels to be where they want, so we can move forward sooner rather than later. It sucks for everyone to have to wait another month or more before embryo transfer! I can say though that the Synthroid has made a difference in my life - I generally feel better. I no longer feel like I am dragging ass through the day. It is great. I start my new dose tomorrow. I will update as I get new information.

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