Monday, March 5, 2012

Thyroid results

I am to start on half of the dose that I was taking 5 weeks ago. My vitamin D levels are low, so I am to supplement. I no longer am taking pre-natal vitamins and take a Flinstone vitamin 4-5 times weekly. I hope the medication kicks in quick as I have been dragging ass the last few weeks. It is amazing the differences when my levels fluctuate. I am glad to be seeing a specialist.

As for surrogacy and the possibility of a second depends on the moment. Sometimes, I feel like I am all done being pregnant, especially with the c-section I had to have. But, then there are days/moments of strong desire to have 1 more experience with a deserving family. I am going to be 37 this coming June, so need to make a decision in the next year or 2 if I decide to move forward with a second journey. Agencies tend to not accept women over 40. I keep telling myself I will give myself till summer and see how I feel. There is so much stuff to get done around here on the farm and want to feel useful around here this year. If I decide to move forward with a second journey, I will start paperwork later this year. We will see how my mind continues to process/evolve/think about future possibilities....

I continue to read a few select surrogacy blogs and enjoy hearing about other stories along the journey of surrogacy. So many feelings about different kinds of experience - thanks for sharing!


  1. Thank YOU so much for all of your affirming comments, and for showing us there is a light out there in surrogacy land. We are so excited to be on the path that you (whether you know it or not) helped us find.

    I hope you catch up on your vitamins and get back to normal levels soon. It is amazing how the absence of one little letter can put one in a funk. Be good to yourself now so you can enjoy springtime on the farm!

    1. Thanks m! I am thrilled to have been a small part of your journey! looking forward to reading all about it, especially the post when you will be holding YOUR baby in YOUR arms! :)