Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's move forward ALREADY!!!!

There has been some delay as my clinic records were not sent with my records request, then the pap appt I had in 1/12 seemed to be missing, so we had to request that again......ugh!  Sometimes this process can be so tedious!  I am excited about moving forward and want to get the show on the road!  The appt can be made with the fertility doctor for a comprehensive exan and psych eval. as soon as they get this last piece of information.  waiting..........


  1. Hi! I came to check out your blog after seeing you as a follower on mine. Congrats on your match! We were actually matched on the same day as you guys. I hope things get moving for you guys soon. The waiting does suck! I read your profile and see we have some things in common. I am a member of an awesome moms group on facebook called mothers beyond belief I think you would like! Nice to meet you Carla. :)