Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fertility doctor response

 The nurse reviewed my blood pressures with the doctor.  He would like me to stop birth control pills at this time and have my blood pressure checked in 2 weeks.  If it is down to a normal range, he is comfortable proceeding with the transfer.  We will not use birth control pills and plan to start medications day 21 of my cycle.  The down side is I will/may be on the Lupron injection for 1-3 weeks longer because I can’t take birth control pills.  I am supposed to email them with my period after I stop the pill and with my next blood pressure level.  I expect to see a difference, but we will see!  HOPING for good results!!!!


  1. Sorry that things are going as planned. :(

  2. Hope it's just the bcps and things straighten out soon!

  3. It's great you can continue the cycle without BCPs... I hope it all works out... thinking of you!