Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blood pressure

Well, I have been off of my BCP's for 2 weeks now, have exercised every day, and increased eating of "heart healthy" foods.  

I went today for a recheck.  Here are the results:  left arm - regular cuff: 134/92.  Left arm - wide cuff:  128/92.  Right arm - wide cuff:  124/90.  

I started the Mononessa BCP on 12/5/2012 and ended them on 1/15/2013.  I was taking them for 6 weeks.  I still don't like that bottom BP number, as I have been working my butt off to be as healthy as possible.  The nurse said it may take more time IF it is from the BCP's.  However,  we can't wait forever......ugh!  

I am following up with my OB next week.  If those numbers are not down, I may not be cleared for this.....I would be greatly disappointed, along with many other people....

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  1. Oh crap! I'm sorry to hear this. Fingers crossed that that bottom number improves. Peace my friend.