Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Endocrinology appointment

 I had my quarterly endocrinology (thyroid doctor) appointment today.  My blood pressure was at 133/78.  I was VERY happy to see it back to normal for me, especially that bottom number.  My labs were all within normal range, so no changes were made.  He did ask that I get blood work drawn a month after the transfer to make sure my levels are okay.  If the transfer still happens in May, I will get bloodwork in June.  If my dose needs adjusting, he will call me before my scheduled appointment, which is scheduled for late July, to make those adjustments.  

Lupron injections are going fine, no problems.  Next thing to happen on the schedule is for me to begin my period, then have blood work and ultrasound day 3-6 of cycle.  

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