Monday, April 15, 2013

Started Vivelle patches early

I have been having minor headaches from the Lupron injection medication.  The nurse, last week, said if the head aches started to be bothersome, I could start my patches a little early because it may offset the hormones and alleviate that side effect.  Last night, I had a headache and woke up this morning with it, so I started the patches 2 doses earlier than the scheduled Friday start date.  When I started the patches, I am to also take a baby aspirin to offset blood clotting risk and start taking a pre-natal vitamin.  Pre-natal vitamins tend to make me nauseous and yep, I have dealt with queasy tummy all morning.  After eating some lunch, it is better, but need to remember to take the pre-natal vitamin at bedtime so I am sleeping through the digestion of it.  Other than that, things are great.

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