Tuesday, December 31, 2013

24 week appt.

I discussed the marginal cord insertion with my OB.  He is not concerned.  He states he sees this condition a lot and it almost never poses a problem.  I told him that the nurse told me to schedule the next ultrasound at 31 weeks and I thought that seemed far off, when initially someone told me that typically growth checks for this condition is performed every 4 weeks.  SO, he told me to schedule one for the next time I have an appointment, which would be 28 weeks.  So, the guys should get some new pics of Jeremias in one more month. :)  At this 28 week appointment, I will have have my 28 week blood work labs to check for gestational diabetes.  

I reviewed the kidney stone occurrence with him and let him know I am currently symptom free.  He did not feel the need for further tests.  He felt the follow up with urology was sufficient.  

The lawyer sent the pre-birth order to have the guys names placed on the birth certificate and sent originals to me as well.  My doctor advised that we make sure all legal contracts and documents be brought to the hospital during labor/delivery to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.  

I reminded him of the desire to have an overnight room (if occupancy is available at the hospital) for the daddies so they can start caring for Mr. Jeremias.  He said remind him again at the next appointments and we will look into it.  We still have time.  If no extra space is available, then they guys can sleep on the couch and chair in my room, so they can tend to their son.  There is NO WAY he will be spending the night all by himself in the nursery!   

My blood pressure today was 124/80 and Jeremias had a heart rate of 153.  


  1. Sounds like you go very prepared to your appointments. Looking forward to pictures of that little boy!

  2. I bet they are getting excited!!