Sunday, December 15, 2013

I have a kidney stone!

I woke up at 2 AM with back pain.  I have had a kidney stone in the past and it felt like the same symptoms, so took some Tylenol, and hoped that would get me rest till morning, when I could go to Convenient Care. I woke back up at 4 AM hurting badly, so called Patient Advisory, who forwarded me to Labor & Delivery, since I am over 22 weeks pregnant.  They advised me to go to the Emergency Department as Convenient Care was not going to be able to diagnose and treat a kidney stone.  Luckily, my mom was spending the weekend, so stayed back with the kids.  I vomited in a leaky bag on the way up to the ER.  Brian and I went to ER, where urine sample showed blood in urine and some white blood cells present.  They skipped the CT scan due to pregnancy, but did an ultrasound to check my kidneys, bladder, and baby Jeremias. Jeremias was fine, moving about, heart beating normal, and showed no signs of stress.  Someone from OB department came down before I left the ER, just to check on Jeremias, and again showed no problems.  They gave me a bag of fluids and low doses of pain medication while I was there.  It feels like the MOST severe pain is out of my kidneys/upper area, it has worked itself down through the ureter, and the pain is mostly in my lower bladder area now.  They gave me an antibiotic, a medication to relax my ureter to allow the stone to move more freely out, and some low doses of pain meds.  I would rather deliver  a baby medication free that deal with the pain of a kidney stone.  ARGH!  I slept most of the morning and feeling better, but still not passed the stone.  I am taking it easy and flooding my body with fluids.  Jeremias just gave me a kick to let me know to get better quick..he is tired of laying around today.  :)    


  1. I jokingly tell women who tell me I'll never understand the pain of childbirth that I can, in fact, understand it after having a kidney stone. Funny to hear you say that you'd rather deliver a baby than have a stone. Thanks for proving my point! :-) Hope you feel better soon.