Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stabbing myself

Let me tell you.....stabbing oneself with a needle is one of the MOST unnatural things one can do to is so is just not right.......before I did the injection, my mind was telling my hand, "no, this is the craziest thing! Don't do it!" I survived, but this is the least favorite part of this process so far. I will be happy when this part is done, done, done! Thankfully, the needles are pretty tiny! I have to inject the Lupron in my belly fat. Really, it is never as bad as what my mind works itself up to be.......but let's get this part done!

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  1. I remember having to give myself shots when I was pregnant with Becca. Jason usually gave me my shots, but there were a few days when I had to do it. OMG...I sat there and sat there "trying" to jab myself, I went up and down, up and down and said to myself over and over "just do it already!!" Yeah, it took about 15 minutes or so. Funny thing, it took that long each time, even after saying to myself afterwards "That was nothing!" :) Good luck with everything...and I continue to look forward to reading your blog!!