Friday, February 25, 2011

Ultrasound and Bloodwork

Ok, a little update. I took birth control pills for 15 days ending them on Monday the 21st. I continue with the 10 units of Lupron injection, along with my Synthroid, Selenium, and pre-natal vitamin. I was to call the fertility doctor if I started my period or by today if I had not started. I woke with some scant spotting and feel crampy so expect my period any time. I called the fertility doctor this morning who advised me to go get blood work and an ultrasound today ASAP.

Today was a busy day as we had an activity to attend from 10-12. My mom was going out of town so was not available to watch the kids. The lab I go to is 45 minutes away from my house. On the way to the activity, I made a few phone calls until I found that my dad and his wife could watch the kids as long as I was there to pick up the kids by 3:30 PM. So, we had fun at our planned activity, I rushed the kids over to my dad's, rushed to the clinic to get blood work and ultrasound, and rushed to get back to the kids.

I got the blood work completed with no problem. I got some hormone levels checked and my thyroid levels checked. The lab doesn't do ultrasounds and if they get orders for one, they forward to the Ultrasound dept. They had no memory of the ultrasound order, the ultrasound dept. had no record of it, so I had to call the fertility doctor and have them fax it again. I went down to the ultrasound dept. and they had all sorts of complications with the order. First, I should have had an appt. Second, it was for an out of town doctor. Third, since it was for fertility issues, they usually have these done at another location.......ugh! I was frustrated, but remained patient as it appeared that they were working hard to get something figured out for me. They made several phone calls and found a technician who is usually over at the fertility clinic and they were able to fit me in and do the ultrasound! Thank goodness. They were checking my endo uterine lining and follicles, among other things. I got back to the kids in time for my dad's wife to get to work. whew!

I hope the results get back to the fertility doctor by tomorrow so we can make changes to medications this weekend. I am supposed to talk with the fertility nurse tomorrow. I believe the next step the fertility nurse said would be to decrease the Lupron to 5 units and add the Estrace tablet. The nurse mentioned that it would be better for me to see a physician in Reproductive Medicine while in this stage of the surrogacy process. People in this dept. would better understand the urgency of such procedures needing to be done in the same day. I wish I would have known that sooner - I do imagine things would have gone smoother today. I will remember it for next time. They said after pregnancy occurs and I have been released from the fertility doctor's care, then I can seek a standard OB physician.

I am hoping that everything looks okay with the ultrasound and blood work and we can keep moving forward. SOOOOOO close!!!!! Hope to update in the next few days.

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