Friday, December 2, 2011

39.5 week doctor appt

We all want to meet this baby!!!!! Today I had a doctor appt.
I gained 2 pounds since last week's appt!!!! My BP was 118/82. Baby's heart rate was 145. The doctor made a guess that this baby will be 8 lbs, 6 oz! OH my!
I have extra mucousy discharge, but still no bloody show. My "contractions" are more crampy. My next appt. will be with a midwife on Tuesday, the 6th. The doctor wants me to have dilation checked and possibly strip membranes. He has scheduled an induction for Thursday, Dec 8 if baby has not arrived by then. I will need to call early that morning to see if there is room for us and if there is, we could go in. The doctor thinks I will go into labor before then, but we will see.....He said he would really like to be there for this delivery and plans on being gone Friday the 9th for a week, so if we are comfortable with inducing then he would like to do it on Thursday before he leaves.I bet it will happen this weekend! ;)

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