Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where is that big belly?!

gone, gone, gone! Instantly, so is the tailbone pain and acid reflux! hallelujah! I got out yesterday to visit my mom. Today was a cool, but beautiful day, so we took a walk around our pond and the kids played outside. Felt good to get some fresh air!

Here is a reminder what I looked like 2 weeks ago! :)

I am doing pretty good. The last few days, I have done little housecleaning tasks. My husband, Brian, worked from home all week. I am not supposed to drive for 2 weeks. Brian did go in to the office Friday morning for a quick meeting and things did not fall apart. :) I have weaned myself down from a ton of pain pills to only 2 Ibuprofen every 5-6 hours. The last few days, I have been transitioning (from sitting/standing and getting out of bed) without grimacing in pain. My incision area is still sore, but manageable. My sister had her c-section a month ago and said there are days that she will pick something up and still feels pain in her incision area. I want to take the recovery seriously as I don't want any problems to develop.

I still have a little belly pooch, of course, but I am feeling skinny already! I have yet to try on my jeans since I have been wearing comfortable clothing to not bother the incision area, but feeling good! I am interested in seeing what my mood and physical state is after all the crazy hormones subside. With the addition of thyroid medication, I am excited to see what my energy level will be. (They discovered I had low thyroid early on during the comprehensive medical exam and after getting levels where they wanted, I started on other hormones to get ready for the embryo transfer.)

My hormones have flared on and off the last couple of days. I have been weepy at nothing or minor things. For example, I read an obituary for an old couple that the woman died on Thursday and her husband died the following Saturday. Then, someone posted a clip from the movie The Notebook (one of my favorite movies) and it got be crying. Just stupid, random crap. Oh, oh, oh, and Brian used the words hormonal in a conversation with me and I was offended and started crying. Poor guy! lol I can still laugh at myself and realize that it is crazy hormones taking control, so I am not all worried. I always like to pay attention to my emotions though. I can't go and get all depressed - got too much stuff to get done!

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  1. I love the last 2 sentences. So true! Glad you are self-aware and recovering. Keep it up. :)