Tuesday, December 6, 2011

40 weeks - no baby yet!

Had an appt today - I gained 3.5 pounds in 3.5 days!!!!! My blood pressure was 131/84. I was dilated only 1 cm, but they said later pregnancies can move quick. I was 80% effaced - she said my cervix was thin and she could feel the baby's head low in my pelvis! After poking around on me, the baby's heart rate was running high, around 180, so they had me do a fetal stress test. They monitored baby's heart rate, movements, and any contractions. Everything checked out okay - she just guessed it was from poking on me. I had some contractions, 2 - 14 minutes apart, 2 - 8 minutes apart while being monitored. They said it does not distinguish between REAL and Braxton Hicks though. She stripped my membranes, initially it hurt like crazy, but after taking some deep breaths, she was able to rotate around the entire cervix. I have felt crampy since leaving the appt. and have had some contractions, but nothing regular. I would say tonight in the middle of the night real labor will begin, but I have felt this way for 2-3 weeks, so only this baby knows!!!! OMG! Anytime now!!!!

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  1. It's gotta be soon! I'm not trusting any intuition this time. I *swore* my last baby would be earlier and smaller... but he was 42+4 and 10.5 pounds!