Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CP/high BP/OB appt

Well, after being discouraged from the 2 week follow up appt with numbers still high, I have a renewed opinion that those high numbers are from the birth control pills.  After 3 weeks of being off the pills, the numbers are FINALLY starting to lower.  :)   

I met with my OB this morning.  I gave him a review of my BP and medications over the course of the last year.  Here it is:
3/1/2012:  131/75
6/5/2012:  128/68
9/6/2012:  120/74
12/5/2012:  started Mononessa birth control pill
12/20/2012:  135/88
12/21/2012:  140/90 and 142/90
1/15/2013:  130/92 and 134/95
1/15/2013:  discontinued BCP
1/30/2013:  134/92, 128/92, and 124/90
2/5/2013:  124/82 and 122/84
2/6/2013:  130/82

It is of my doctor's opinion that it most likely a side effect from the BCP's as well as I have never had problems before.  He wrote a letter from stating that I am physically able to perform a surrogacy. 

The doctor and I briefly discussed risks to baby and myself if I DID continue to have hypertension during the pregnancy, but do not expect this to be a problem.  He did not feel that a BP monitoring device would be helpful at this time as the numbers seem to be lowering.  

Personally and ideally, I will be happier when that lower number reaches below 80, but was pleased with the decrease over the last week and am hopeful that the numbers will remain within normal range.  For my own curiosity, I plan on getting another BP check in a week or 2 to make sure it keeps improving, then remains stable.   

I will await further instruction from the guys and fertility clinic.  If we can move forward, we still need to iron out legal stuff. 

I feel bad and apologetic for this delay. that my body was not perfect, that it was not a smooth process.....I am hopeful to move forward and make up for this glitch!  

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  1. I can only imagine that stress. But it's not something you're in control of. It's not something you're choosing to do. No one can fault you for that, or for the delay.