Saturday, July 31, 2010


Brian and I attended our psychological evaluation yesterday. We had a consultation with the psychologist, then took the MMPI - a personality test that had over 300 questions.
The doctor was pleasant enough. We had a discussion that hopefully left her satisfied that we were not totally crazy.

During the testing, Brian and I were placed in separate rooms. I laughed out loud at some of the questions - especially the paranoia ones. After we left the appointment, Brian and I discussed our answers. OMG! They are going to think that Brian is egotistical, cheating, has no respect for authority, unhappily married and I am a lier!!!!

Some of the questions we discussed:
I always tell the truth. I marked T (true). Well, I sometimes don't tell the WHOLE truth. Sometimes, I am more tactful, I avoid saying the truth, or avoid the question. I like to be truthful, but sometimes being kind outweighs the depth of the truth that exists. Sometimes, I want to spare someones feelings, so I lessen the blow. Brian says this would be lying. hmmm... difference of semantics, I suppose.

1 or both partners in a marriage are unhappy. Brian marked T
Most men cheat on their wives. Brian marked T
Everything would be better if we got rid of most laws. Brian marked T
I have had to take orders from someone who knew less than me. Brian marked T
I am about as capable as others around me. Brian put F, because he feels he is more capable!

Geesh - can we say EGOTISTICAL? Brian IS a smart, capable guy, don't think highly of most people, and is very libertarian minded. When asked about the marriage and cheating, he responded that it is a statistical fact that majority of marriages end in divorce, hence being unhappy. He doesn't think high of most men. The question was in regards to most men/most people, NOT him. OK.

I am interested in gender differences for the MMPI. I am sure his responses are more in the norm for males than females, but still! I keep telling him that he going to be pulled back in for counseling before we can move forward! I sent the remainder of the day fretting and stewing over the answers. geesh!

The psychologist will call us back in if there needs to be further discussion. We will hear how we did soon, I suppose.

Hopefully, we can start moving forward on the legal contract and medical consultation soon. I am looking forward to moving on to the more exciting parts of this process!


  1. Brian needs to meet Bo. That is exactly how it would go for us. By the end of the meeting, the psychologist would be tearing her hair out and seeking help. lol!

    Oh man, I want to do this just for fun. Interrogations are FUN!

  2. wonder what they think of your shaved head? Or do you stil have that?

  3. yeah, the Psychologist quickly glanced at my shaved hair and unshaved leg hair -lol. I noticed it. Well, I suppose the best she could have thought was that I was a feminist hippy! lol Whatever thoughts she had, she kept them out of the report! lol Hopefully, she was unbiased in her thoughts.......