Monday, July 12, 2010

NOT immune to Rubella - need vaccine

Well, it has been discovered in my last delivery/OB records that I am NOT immune to Rubella. Therefore, I have to get an immunization shot and have it in my system for approximately 3 months before the embryo transfer. If I was to catch MMR during pregnancy, it could do LOTS of damage to the fetus. My OB/Gyn/midwife office does not give these shots so I have to go to my primary, who I haven't seen since before all my children were conceived - almost 5 years ago! I tried to schedule an appt today, but wanted to talk to the nurse to make sure they had it on hand at the office during my appt. I did not know if the dosing was different for adults from the children's dose. I would hate to travel the 45 minutes to get the vaccine and not have what I need. I will get this appt done ASAP to keep moving forward!

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