Monday, March 21, 2011

Embryo transfer performed

pic of me waiting with a VERY full bladder

and the ultrasound picture - there is a little white line (about a third of the way from the left side) of the where the air bubbles from the catheter settled in my uterus. The embryo is somewhere in this picture!!!! :)

Tonight, I have felt a little crampy, tired, and a little nauseous.

The doctor was only able to transfer 1 embryo, but he said the one looked great. I so wish there was 2 embryos transferred for greater chance of success, but we will be hopeful that this strong, beautiful embryo found a warm, cozy place in my uterus to settle in. Will be thinking of the parents while we wait. I can only imagine the anticipation!

After the transfer today, my blood pressure was little high. It decreased a bit after emptying my bladder more and resting, but was still a bit high. The doctor did not seem too concerned about it - said with the excitement and anxiety surrounding the procedure, blood pressure can be slightly higher.

I had my thyroid levels checked before the transfer and it STILL is not where they want it...crazy. They are increasing the dose a bit more. It was 4.83 last time and it was 4.54 this time. They said this is good for general population, but would like it closer to 2.5 for pregnancy. The nurse sounded a bit "scolding" on the phone, saying make sure I take my medication every day and on an empty stomach, and make sure to wait before eating anything. I have not missed a dose, take it first thing in the morning, then the shortest time I have waited is 45 minutes, but it is typically 1 hour before I eat or drink anything else besides the water I drank to take it. ugh. Hopefully, it will get to where they want it with this next increase.

So, now we wait.......I have a blood test next Monday! Can I wait or will I try a home pregnancy test????


  1. YAY!!! Congratulations on the transfer....thinking positive thoughts for you!!!
    On the thyroid med front, I was told by the pharmasist to not have anything 2 hours before or after taking the meds...dont know if that will make a difference but somthing to consider.... Fingers and toes crossed!!! :)

  2. Sending lots of sticky thoughts and prayers your way. Can't wait to hear your beta numbers. Don't get discouraged if your home tests come back negative, our were until right before our first beta and then only a digital one really showed positive.

  3. Thanks ladies! I always wake up in the morning to go pee before the alarm goes off - maybe I will try to take the thyroid medicine then, so it is closer to 2 hours before eating. I always just want to hurry back to bed hoping that I get a few more zzzzz's.