Monday, March 14, 2011

Embryo transfer scheduled!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!! The embryo transfer is scheduled for Monday, March 21st! This Wednesday, I decrease my Estrace from 3 mg to 2 mg in the AM and PM and start Crinone progesterone vaginal suppositories in the AM and PM. I go for the transfer on the 21st and have a blood test on the 28th to check for pregnancy! It is REALLY happening! I talked with the mom this afternoon on the phone - we simply could NOT just e-mail about this! :) Very exciting!
I have to figure out childcare as my mom will be gone in South Dakota. Worst case scenario is that we find a hotel close to the surgery center, we take the kids, Brian keeps them occupied while I attend my appointment, then we be on our way home! We will figure something out!


  1. so excited for you. I don't know that we can be any help with the kids as Mondays are just crazy for us.

  2. How exciting!!!! So happy for you!