Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making arrangements

Things are falling into place for Monday. I have a couple different possible options for childcare and one definite plan in place.

Hotel reservations have been made for Sunday night at a hotel within walking distance of the surgery center. Brian and I will be happiest with the least amount of maneuvering around the city of Chicago as possible. Brian says the best part about the city is leaving it. lol I am telling ya, since moving out to the country, I feel more and more this way too. Lately, I do not even like visiting the city! I guess I am transforming into a country gal.

I have been busy today with acquiring extra life insurance that is part of the surrogacy agreement. I had to complete an application, do an oral swab, and will later do a phone interview to complete the process.

Things are really coming together. Amazing! I completed an application February 2010 and was matched with the parents in May 2010. We are finally to the pregnancy part! I am excited, anxious, and a little nervous. Hope everything goes well!

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