Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Asked to follow up with primary care physician

After talking to the OB department, they guys want me to follow up with a primary care physician to look further into the blood pressure issue.  I am supposed to ask about additional tests to make sure my heart is actually healthy.  I have an appt. next week.  If my numbers are consistent or lower than my last appt, I am sure that it was just the side effect of the BCP's  and doubt that my physician will order additional tests.  We will see though.  I understand the reluctance to move forward with out more of a certainty of health. They are getting ready to put forth lots of money and trust into a person/process and want things to be as ideal as possible to start off.  In the end, a decision will need to be made and we will hopefully be moving forward together.   I will write after my appt. next week.


  1. have the nurses check your b/p right before you're about to leave. mine was higher right when i got into the room cause i had to hustle in from the car and was agitated waiting in the waiting room. just a thought.

  2. I honestly think the numbers will even be lower than the last appt, "proving" that it was likely from the BCP's. I usually have them take it a couple time while I am there.... Hoping for good numbers and things to resolve quickly.