Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cardiology appointment

 I attended a cardiology consultation appointment today.  He reviewed my blood pressures over the last year.  Today's levels taken by the nurse at the beginning of the appt was:  Left: 128/79, Right: 136/85.  Later in the appt, the doctor took it again - Left: 124/90, Right: 128/88.  He looked at some of the tests from yesterday - everything he could see in the computer system, he stated was within normal range.  He said the chest x-ray looked normal and the bloodwork came back normal.   The clinic staff who performed the tests yesterday JUST called and stated that tests were all normal, as well.  I asked specifically about EKG.  She confirmed everything measured during the test was normal.  Yay! 

The cardiologist thought it may have been the BCP's as well, doesn't anticipate problems with the echocardiogram next week, and told me to stop worrying about as he thought I was displaying anxiousness about it and explained the effects of anxiety on heart function as well.  My husband says I have been worrying about it too much as well.   I guess I need to start listening to these guys.  I have been a little frustrated and disappointed that things have not went smoothly, especially after working so hard at it.  I am glad these tests are being done, so there are no what ifs to ponder.  

I have the echocardiogram next week.  Just to cover all bases, he also scheduled a treadmill stress test next week as well, but does not anticipate problems.  He feels that I am healthy to move forward with a pregnancy. The cardiologist said there is no need to return to him unless I have questions or tests next week are abnormal.

I will let you know how things go and if we are moving forward soon.  

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  1. Ugh. I'm glad to hear the tests are coming back normal!