Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Primary physician blood pressure appt.

I attended an appointment with a primary physicain this morning.  My blood pressure reading during the appt. was  122/88, 128/88, and 126/88 (taken 2 times by the nurse , then again by the doctor).  Before leaving the clinic, I had a chest X-ray, bloodwork for basic metabolic panel, CBC w/DIFF, TSH, T4 - Free, and a ECG 12 LEAD.   
I have a consultation with a cardiologist tomorrow afternoon.  I have a Echocardiography scheduled for 2/26.  

That bottom number is still concerning.  The doctor thought it was the side effect from the BCP still flirting with me.  He said he would be surprised if anything came back abnormal with the additional tests, but you never know until I do them, so he ordered them.  

At this point, I will do these additional tests and hope everything checks out okay.  If Enrique and Ricardo are comfortable with moving forward, woohoo - we get the show on the road!   

If they are not, I will understand, but but be disappointed.  They are not getting any younger and don't need further delays.  They are excited to get this process moving as well.  

I might then inquire about getting matched up with someone else when my blood pressure returns to normal range with BOTH systolic and diastolic numbers.  If I were to do this, I imagine I would have to forward these new records and have the new couple/fertility doctor approve everything.  I would not want to reintroduce BCP's in the medication protocol.  

If I can not perform a second surrogacy, I will be greatly disappointed.  However, I have about 10,000 projects that always need worked on and completed, so will not be at a loss for something productive to do.

Here is to normal test results and moving forward!  


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