Monday, February 11, 2013

Fertility doctor okay with moving forward

Just a little update to to let you know that the fertility doctor is comfortable with moving forward at this point. Enrique and Ricardo would like to follow up with my OB to ask some questions before giving the go.  I understand this as they are getting ready to put forth a ton of money and trust in a person.  One has to be cautious with the risks of doing that.  I hope they get to talk with my OB soon and their concerns are alleviated.  I have continued to exercise at least 5 days a week, feeling good and looking better!    


  1. Hooray!

    By the way- my husband and I moved when I got pregnant the first time. We cut our mortgage in half and downsized considerably. We aren't the homestead type, but we continued to downsize and study minimalism. We now have a (very happy) family of four living in 900 sq. ft. I understand your voyage, and salute it!

  2. Thanks,Mandy! What really matters becomes more present when one declutters their life of stuff and lives more simply. :)