Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Donor egg retrieval

I was informed that the donor egg retrieval was performed yesterday - they were able to obtain 33 eggs!  Can you imagine?  Releasing 33 eggs in one month, rather than the 1-2 one usually does.  Crazy!  Thank you   to the young, beautiful girl who donated part of her DNA to create 1-2 beautiful, loved children!  The guys left their sperm samples when they were here in Chicago area during their December visit.

I have completed the legal contract between myself and the agency.  I am now waiting for the contract between myself and the parents to review.

The fertility nurse is back in the office tomorrow and will be contacting me with a new medication schedule.

Let's keep things moving!  :)


  1. This is getting exciting!!!!!!

  2. Holy cow, 33 eggs??? Do chickens even do that? ;-)

  3. Mandy's comment totally made me laugh! Plus, Carla, you will actually know the answer to that question!

    This is exciting!

  4. No way, I have seen eggs in process of different stages (from smaller than a pea to large yolk without the shell) inside a chicken during slaughtering time and I have NEVER seen 33 eggs at once. ;)