Friday, March 29, 2013

Lupron started

So, absolutely no anxiety about the Lupron UNTIL right before I pushed it in and then the realization of  'THIS IS SO FREAKING UNNATURAL- TO STAB MYSELF' hit and I had a minor anxiety attack until I finally freaking did it after several minutes, then remembered that it is a tiny needle and it really isn't that bad.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will not delay in my craziness and JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!! 

Then sitting here tonight, I thought, OMG - I have to go through LABOR again.  THAT hurts!  What was I thinking!? 

I am actually really glad to be at this point....REALLY getting started on the important stuff.  Getting my body ready to carry 1-2 babies that will create a family WITH children to love.  Exciting stuff! It really is amazing to be able to be give my body to help others in this way.

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  1. Oh, I feel your anxiety!! I am waiting to start meds and I am super scared but your right! The joy of knowing that you are creating a family is most definitely outweighs our fear of needles!! I'm excited to follow your journey!