Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rolling along!

Alright, the legal contract has been signed and sent off.  I had a baseline appointment this morning. I had bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasound.  Everything was perfect - showing ovulation had occurred.  I can start my 20 units of Lupron tomorrow evening.  It is a small syringe of medicine in my belly fat. I am not at all anxious like I was the first time I did this a couple of years ago.  I remember doing this with ease after awhile with the first surrogacy.

I am absolutely pleased with how this fertility clinic lays out my medication schedule and monitoring appointments orders.  It helps that I went through this before, but people seem to have their shit together so much more this time around.  I felt thrown into it last time, being blamed when I did not do things correctly, when they were not explained very well.    

In other news, I got a message from Champaign Urbana Pride Fest announcing their 4th Pride Fest. It is scheduled for September 14.  I should be 4 months pregnant.  I better have my big, pregnant twin belly and I am totally going to rock a "My Uterus Is An Ally" shirt on the front with an Ask Me About Surrogacy on the back.  Who is coming with me to see the drag shows and other performances?  C'mon, it is always a blast!


  1. I wanna go!!! I'll bring my kids! We love drag queens and rainbows!!!

  2. Put it on your calendar! There are usually some kid friendly events/games/bouncy houses earlier in the afternoon/evening. The real good drag and music usually starts later, but it can still be lots of fun earlier with the kiddos. I took my kids the 1st year, missed the 2nd year, then went with my mom and nephew last year. ALWAYS a good time. We should meet up with the kids and stay as long as they can last without melting down. You should be able to find a link on my facebook to get updates on stuff. Yay!