Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Embryos have been made

Ok.  I thought it was exciting to have 33 eggs retrieved.  I have been informed that 22 of those have been fertilized and are now growing.  They will grow for a few days and the viable ones will be frozen/production will be halted until they can carefully be transferred to my warm, cushy uterus in several weeks.  How many of those fertilized cells will continue to grow?  There are 2 masses of dividing cells, growing right now, that will, in less than 1 year, be newborn babies.......that I help bring into this world....Amazing to think about......

Is it weird of me to be saddened just a bit that these mass of dividing cells are all alone in a sterile, cold, distant lab and not in a warm, loving, welcoming body?!   Soon enough little ones, soon enough.  I will give them shelter and nourishment until they can get to their daddies.  :) 


  1. That is so sweet that you are already loving on those little blobs! I have caught up on your recent entries and I am excited for your new surrogacy adventure. I hope it is a smooth and rewarding one for you.