Monday, March 25, 2013

We have movement!

Legal is getting finalized.  Signatures need to happen, but feels good to be finishing up this part.  

I have an appointment scheduled on Thursday for bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasound for ovarian size and uterine lining thickness, the pharmacy is sending out the medications, and as long as everything checks out well, I will start with my Lupron injections in my belly Friday.  

I should get a period sometime 4/5 – 4/6.  I  will need to go in for blood and ultrasound day 3-6  of my period.  I should have an appointment for Thursday 4/18/13 to ensure that the Lupron 20 units is keeping my ovaries quiet and suppressed.

If the blood and u/s results are normal, I will start the estrogen patches (miniville) on 4/19.  I will apply 1 patch every other day until April 27, then the patches increase to 2 patches every other day and gradually increase to 4 patches.  A check will be done for response to the patches on 5/3 and 5/10 – if additional medication is needed, I will be instructed to add a medication called Estrace.  This is a tablet that can be taken orally or vaginally.  I will only be instructed to start this if needed.

On 4/27, Lupron dose decrease to 5 units daily.  Last dose of Lupron will be on 5/11/12.

I will start the progesterone in oil injection on 5/12/13 and continue this daily.  ARGH!  NOT fun - much bigger needles and in my butt!  OUCH!

The Embryo transfer is scheduled for Friday 5/17/13. 

The pregnancy test is ordered for Tuesday 5/28/13.

Things are about to get exciting on my end. :)   

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