Sunday, August 15, 2010

Psychological results in!

The psychologist sent us all her report. Everything is fine and we can move forward. The agency forwarded the report to the fertility doctor. I scheduled a phone consultation with the fertility doctor for later this month. After this phone consultation, we can schedule an in-person medical screening. I will need to travel to Chicago suburbs to complete the medical screening.

I have been updating the intended mother (IM) directly through e-mail. We have had small personal exchanges which have been nice. I also gave her this blog url so she can view my progress/feelings through this adventure.

I need to contact the agency representative to inquire when I need establish contact again with the attorney. I wish there was not so much time between appointments, but am very glad things keep moving forward. I am excited and anxious to get to the more exciting/interesting parts of this process. I can only imagine the feeling that the intended parents (IP) feel as they approach getting closer to their baby growing.

I will keep you updated!