Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blood pressure

Well, I have been off of my BCP's for 2 weeks now, have exercised every day, and increased eating of "heart healthy" foods.  

I went today for a recheck.  Here are the results:  left arm - regular cuff: 134/92.  Left arm - wide cuff:  128/92.  Right arm - wide cuff:  124/90.  

I started the Mononessa BCP on 12/5/2012 and ended them on 1/15/2013.  I was taking them for 6 weeks.  I still don't like that bottom BP number, as I have been working my butt off to be as healthy as possible.  The nurse said it may take more time IF it is from the BCP's.  However,  we can't wait forever......ugh!  

I am following up with my OB next week.  If those numbers are not down, I may not be cleared for this.....I would be greatly disappointed, along with many other people....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fertility doctor response

 The nurse reviewed my blood pressures with the doctor.  He would like me to stop birth control pills at this time and have my blood pressure checked in 2 weeks.  If it is down to a normal range, he is comfortable proceeding with the transfer.  We will not use birth control pills and plan to start medications day 21 of my cycle.  The down side is I will/may be on the Lupron injection for 1-3 weeks longer because I can’t take birth control pills.  I am supposed to email them with my period after I stop the pill and with my next blood pressure level.  I expect to see a difference, but we will see!  HOPING for good results!!!!

Blood pressure follow up

I attended an appointment at my local clinic yesterday to follow up on the high BP readings from the fertility clinic appt. on 12/21/2012.  My BP readings from today were right arm: 130/92, left arm a few minutes later: 134/95.  Still high, especially for the bottom number........  :(

Since the 12/21 appt where the high reading was documented, I have busted my butt, increasing my exercise to every day. I did not have a poor diet before, but I also increased my "heart healthy" foods, hoping that those changes would also make a difference.  I was very disappointed to see those numbers today.

My BP taken on 9/6/12 was near perfect at 120/74.  The only change I have had since that time is adding the birth control pills.  I started the BCP's on 12/5/2012.  High blood pressure can be a side effect of BCP's.  I had never had issues in the past when on BCP's, but the nurse stated that the influence of that side effect can increase with age.   Her recommendation was to discontinue the BCP's.  I am not sure if this is possible when following the IVF medication schedule.  I am due to stop the BCP's on 1/28/2013 anyhow to have a period, then start other medications.  I am guessing this is the issue with the high BP numbers and I would see a difference when off of them.  However, I am not supposed to start other medication protocol until I am medically cleared and legal is completed.  

We have not been able to work on legal stuff because I am not medically cleared.  ARGH!   There are going to be A LOT of disappointed people if there are further delays or if we can not move forward.   

I am waiting to hear the fertility doctor/nurse's opinions and advisement.