Thursday, February 28, 2013

Echocardiogram and stress test

Both tests performed this week shows normal results.  I am working on getting a letter sent from the cardiologist, then the decision is left to other parties if we are moving forward or not.  I am SO ready to move on from these appointments!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cardiology appointment

 I attended a cardiology consultation appointment today.  He reviewed my blood pressures over the last year.  Today's levels taken by the nurse at the beginning of the appt was:  Left: 128/79, Right: 136/85.  Later in the appt, the doctor took it again - Left: 124/90, Right: 128/88.  He looked at some of the tests from yesterday - everything he could see in the computer system, he stated was within normal range.  He said the chest x-ray looked normal and the bloodwork came back normal.   The clinic staff who performed the tests yesterday JUST called and stated that tests were all normal, as well.  I asked specifically about EKG.  She confirmed everything measured during the test was normal.  Yay! 

The cardiologist thought it may have been the BCP's as well, doesn't anticipate problems with the echocardiogram next week, and told me to stop worrying about as he thought I was displaying anxiousness about it and explained the effects of anxiety on heart function as well.  My husband says I have been worrying about it too much as well.   I guess I need to start listening to these guys.  I have been a little frustrated and disappointed that things have not went smoothly, especially after working so hard at it.  I am glad these tests are being done, so there are no what ifs to ponder.  

I have the echocardiogram next week.  Just to cover all bases, he also scheduled a treadmill stress test next week as well, but does not anticipate problems.  He feels that I am healthy to move forward with a pregnancy. The cardiologist said there is no need to return to him unless I have questions or tests next week are abnormal.

I will let you know how things go and if we are moving forward soon.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Primary physician blood pressure appt.

I attended an appointment with a primary physicain this morning.  My blood pressure reading during the appt. was  122/88, 128/88, and 126/88 (taken 2 times by the nurse , then again by the doctor).  Before leaving the clinic, I had a chest X-ray, bloodwork for basic metabolic panel, CBC w/DIFF, TSH, T4 - Free, and a ECG 12 LEAD.   
I have a consultation with a cardiologist tomorrow afternoon.  I have a Echocardiography scheduled for 2/26.  

That bottom number is still concerning.  The doctor thought it was the side effect from the BCP still flirting with me.  He said he would be surprised if anything came back abnormal with the additional tests, but you never know until I do them, so he ordered them.  

At this point, I will do these additional tests and hope everything checks out okay.  If Enrique and Ricardo are comfortable with moving forward, woohoo - we get the show on the road!   

If they are not, I will understand, but but be disappointed.  They are not getting any younger and don't need further delays.  They are excited to get this process moving as well.  

I might then inquire about getting matched up with someone else when my blood pressure returns to normal range with BOTH systolic and diastolic numbers.  If I were to do this, I imagine I would have to forward these new records and have the new couple/fertility doctor approve everything.  I would not want to reintroduce BCP's in the medication protocol.  

If I can not perform a second surrogacy, I will be greatly disappointed.  However, I have about 10,000 projects that always need worked on and completed, so will not be at a loss for something productive to do.

Here is to normal test results and moving forward!  


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Asked to follow up with primary care physician

After talking to the OB department, they guys want me to follow up with a primary care physician to look further into the blood pressure issue.  I am supposed to ask about additional tests to make sure my heart is actually healthy.  I have an appt. next week.  If my numbers are consistent or lower than my last appt, I am sure that it was just the side effect of the BCP's  and doubt that my physician will order additional tests.  We will see though.  I understand the reluctance to move forward with out more of a certainty of health. They are getting ready to put forth lots of money and trust into a person/process and want things to be as ideal as possible to start off.  In the end, a decision will need to be made and we will hopefully be moving forward together.   I will write after my appt. next week.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fertility doctor okay with moving forward

Just a little update to to let you know that the fertility doctor is comfortable with moving forward at this point. Enrique and Ricardo would like to follow up with my OB to ask some questions before giving the go.  I understand this as they are getting ready to put forth a ton of money and trust in a person.  One has to be cautious with the risks of doing that.  I hope they get to talk with my OB soon and their concerns are alleviated.  I have continued to exercise at least 5 days a week, feeling good and looking better!    

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CP/high BP/OB appt

Well, after being discouraged from the 2 week follow up appt with numbers still high, I have a renewed opinion that those high numbers are from the birth control pills.  After 3 weeks of being off the pills, the numbers are FINALLY starting to lower.  :)   

I met with my OB this morning.  I gave him a review of my BP and medications over the course of the last year.  Here it is:
3/1/2012:  131/75
6/5/2012:  128/68
9/6/2012:  120/74
12/5/2012:  started Mononessa birth control pill
12/20/2012:  135/88
12/21/2012:  140/90 and 142/90
1/15/2013:  130/92 and 134/95
1/15/2013:  discontinued BCP
1/30/2013:  134/92, 128/92, and 124/90
2/5/2013:  124/82 and 122/84
2/6/2013:  130/82

It is of my doctor's opinion that it most likely a side effect from the BCP's as well as I have never had problems before.  He wrote a letter from stating that I am physically able to perform a surrogacy. 

The doctor and I briefly discussed risks to baby and myself if I DID continue to have hypertension during the pregnancy, but do not expect this to be a problem.  He did not feel that a BP monitoring device would be helpful at this time as the numbers seem to be lowering.  

Personally and ideally, I will be happier when that lower number reaches below 80, but was pleased with the decrease over the last week and am hopeful that the numbers will remain within normal range.  For my own curiosity, I plan on getting another BP check in a week or 2 to make sure it keeps improving, then remains stable.   

I will await further instruction from the guys and fertility clinic.  If we can move forward, we still need to iron out legal stuff. 

I feel bad and apologetic for this delay. that my body was not perfect, that it was not a smooth process.....I am hopeful to move forward and make up for this glitch!