Saturday, March 30, 2013

MUCH easier this evening

for the Lupron!  Thank goodness.  I kicked that anxiety to the curb!  :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lupron started

So, absolutely no anxiety about the Lupron UNTIL right before I pushed it in and then the realization of  'THIS IS SO FREAKING UNNATURAL- TO STAB MYSELF' hit and I had a minor anxiety attack until I finally freaking did it after several minutes, then remembered that it is a tiny needle and it really isn't that bad.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will not delay in my craziness and JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!! 

Then sitting here tonight, I thought, OMG - I have to go through LABOR again.  THAT hurts!  What was I thinking!? 

I am actually really glad to be at this point....REALLY getting started on the important stuff.  Getting my body ready to carry 1-2 babies that will create a family WITH children to love.  Exciting stuff! It really is amazing to be able to be give my body to help others in this way.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rolling along!

Alright, the legal contract has been signed and sent off.  I had a baseline appointment this morning. I had bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasound.  Everything was perfect - showing ovulation had occurred.  I can start my 20 units of Lupron tomorrow evening.  It is a small syringe of medicine in my belly fat. I am not at all anxious like I was the first time I did this a couple of years ago.  I remember doing this with ease after awhile with the first surrogacy.

I am absolutely pleased with how this fertility clinic lays out my medication schedule and monitoring appointments orders.  It helps that I went through this before, but people seem to have their shit together so much more this time around.  I felt thrown into it last time, being blamed when I did not do things correctly, when they were not explained very well.    

In other news, I got a message from Champaign Urbana Pride Fest announcing their 4th Pride Fest. It is scheduled for September 14.  I should be 4 months pregnant.  I better have my big, pregnant twin belly and I am totally going to rock a "My Uterus Is An Ally" shirt on the front with an Ask Me About Surrogacy on the back.  Who is coming with me to see the drag shows and other performances?  C'mon, it is always a blast!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

19 potential babies

I was informed that they got 19 frozen embryos waiting for me to complete my medication cycle and 2 lucky ones will be chosen to be implanted into my warm, cushy uterus in mid May.

Monday, March 25, 2013

We have movement!

Legal is getting finalized.  Signatures need to happen, but feels good to be finishing up this part.  

I have an appointment scheduled on Thursday for bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasound for ovarian size and uterine lining thickness, the pharmacy is sending out the medications, and as long as everything checks out well, I will start with my Lupron injections in my belly Friday.  

I should get a period sometime 4/5 – 4/6.  I  will need to go in for blood and ultrasound day 3-6  of my period.  I should have an appointment for Thursday 4/18/13 to ensure that the Lupron 20 units is keeping my ovaries quiet and suppressed.

If the blood and u/s results are normal, I will start the estrogen patches (miniville) on 4/19.  I will apply 1 patch every other day until April 27, then the patches increase to 2 patches every other day and gradually increase to 4 patches.  A check will be done for response to the patches on 5/3 and 5/10 – if additional medication is needed, I will be instructed to add a medication called Estrace.  This is a tablet that can be taken orally or vaginally.  I will only be instructed to start this if needed.

On 4/27, Lupron dose decrease to 5 units daily.  Last dose of Lupron will be on 5/11/12.

I will start the progesterone in oil injection on 5/12/13 and continue this daily.  ARGH!  NOT fun - much bigger needles and in my butt!  OUCH!

The Embryo transfer is scheduled for Friday 5/17/13. 

The pregnancy test is ordered for Tuesday 5/28/13.

Things are about to get exciting on my end. :)   

Monday, March 18, 2013


Ok, contract between myself and agency is completed.  We have the draft from the parent's attorney, will be reviewing it this evening, having a phone conference with our attorney tomorrow.  Does not look like anything major that needs revised.  Hopefully, we will bust this thing out.  :) 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Embryos have been made

Ok.  I thought it was exciting to have 33 eggs retrieved.  I have been informed that 22 of those have been fertilized and are now growing.  They will grow for a few days and the viable ones will be frozen/production will be halted until they can carefully be transferred to my warm, cushy uterus in several weeks.  How many of those fertilized cells will continue to grow?  There are 2 masses of dividing cells, growing right now, that will, in less than 1 year, be newborn babies.......that I help bring into this world....Amazing to think about......

Is it weird of me to be saddened just a bit that these mass of dividing cells are all alone in a sterile, cold, distant lab and not in a warm, loving, welcoming body?!   Soon enough little ones, soon enough.  I will give them shelter and nourishment until they can get to their daddies.  :) 

Donor egg retrieval

I was informed that the donor egg retrieval was performed yesterday - they were able to obtain 33 eggs!  Can you imagine?  Releasing 33 eggs in one month, rather than the 1-2 one usually does.  Crazy!  Thank you   to the young, beautiful girl who donated part of her DNA to create 1-2 beautiful, loved children!  The guys left their sperm samples when they were here in Chicago area during their December visit.

I have completed the legal contract between myself and the agency.  I am now waiting for the contract between myself and the parents to review.

The fertility nurse is back in the office tomorrow and will be contacting me with a new medication schedule.

Let's keep things moving!  :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Legal - here I come!

Ok, we are moving forward!  I was told I am CLEARED to move forward.  I made the initial contact with the attorney and she forwarded some documents to get started.  woohoo!  The fertility nurse is working on a new medication schedule.  Things are going to get moving!!!