Thursday, February 27, 2014

33 weeks

Everything is looking good.  Jeremias was hiccuping during the procedure - very cute seeing him bounce as he hiccuped.  The technician said he has hair already!  Jeremias had a heart rate of 139, he was measuring at 34 weeks, he got an 8/8 on the biophysical profile, he is at 52% growth, and estimated to weigh 5 pounds 6 ounces.  My blood pressure was 124/76.  

I received the pertussis/whopping cough vaccine.  I also had my TSH (thyroid) blood work today.  

My insurance will cover a breast pump - my Dr. said one would be given to me in the hospital.  I will pump as much breast milk as I can while the parents are here.  I will have to consider options after they leave...donation?  

As for the guys staying in an adjoining hospital room, that decision will need to be made last minute as the hospital will need to see about availability.  If something is available, they can stay.  Otherwise, they will be able to stay in my room on the couch and chair to ensure that they are caring for Jeremias overnight.  

My Dr. scheduled the c-section for Friday, April 11th.

I have to start going to more appts. since it is getting close.  2 weeks, then every week until delivery. Life is good.  I am tired and dealing with tailbone pain and acid reflux, but really, life is good.  

I am feeling lots of emotions, ups AND downs about the finality of this being my FINAL pregnancy.  I am ready to concentrate on other things in my life, but still grieve at the finality of this stage of life.  Hopefully, in 20-25 years, I will be blessed with many grandchildren and get to experience children being born once again.  :)  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

29.5 weeks pic

According to Zane:  Jeremias says he is excited to come out into the world.  He can't wait to meet his daddies and everyone else who is waiting for his arrival!  :)