Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Just a quick note to say that things are progressing quite well on the surrogacy route. Last month, I talked to the fertility doctor who filled me in on the methods, medications, and procedures that I will have to go through. I will have to have a sonogram to check that my uterus is still in good condition. If I am medically cleared, then I will start oral hormones, then add Lupron injections, and vaginal suppository hormones. If everything goes well, there will be 2 embryos transferred to me via IVF.

Before the fertility doctor will start, all the legal contracts have to be completed. The contract between the agency and myself has been completed and signed. The direct agreement between the intended parents and myself is being revised and reviewed right now and soon shall be done.

I am learning all kinds of new things throughout this process. I love new experiences and sharing it with others. The attorney has advised me to NOT share certain things, so feel free to ask any questions, but please be understanding if I can't disclose certain information.

I am looking forward to moving on to the medical aspects of this journey. It will be very exciting.
It is interesting how much more serious I am feeling about it all the closer it gets to a REAL pregnancy. Initially, I felt that it would be a nice thing to do for others and thought it would be "cool" to go through the experience. After discussing it in depth with attorneys and doctors, I fully understand the risks I am taking. I understand the DEPTH of this experience. If things go as planned, it will go smoothly and I will have a wonderful pregnancy/delivery and hand over someones beautiful baby/ies. This is what everyone wants and will hope for.

There ARE risks that everyone involved is taking though. The intended parents have to trust that I will do the best job I can carrying their baby/ies and hand over healthy babies. The intended parents are taking huge financial risks along the way. I am taking medical risks that can not only affect my body, but my life and family's lives. I feel the depth/seriousness of these issues now.

I hope to write another update soon!