Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I was asked by the daddies to share this song with their son every once in awhile.  I sure will!  So sweet!

24 week appt.

I discussed the marginal cord insertion with my OB.  He is not concerned.  He states he sees this condition a lot and it almost never poses a problem.  I told him that the nurse told me to schedule the next ultrasound at 31 weeks and I thought that seemed far off, when initially someone told me that typically growth checks for this condition is performed every 4 weeks.  SO, he told me to schedule one for the next time I have an appointment, which would be 28 weeks.  So, the guys should get some new pics of Jeremias in one more month. :)  At this 28 week appointment, I will have have my 28 week blood work labs to check for gestational diabetes.  

I reviewed the kidney stone occurrence with him and let him know I am currently symptom free.  He did not feel the need for further tests.  He felt the follow up with urology was sufficient.  

The lawyer sent the pre-birth order to have the guys names placed on the birth certificate and sent originals to me as well.  My doctor advised that we make sure all legal contracts and documents be brought to the hospital during labor/delivery to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.  

I reminded him of the desire to have an overnight room (if occupancy is available at the hospital) for the daddies so they can start caring for Mr. Jeremias.  He said remind him again at the next appointments and we will look into it.  We still have time.  If no extra space is available, then they guys can sleep on the couch and chair in my room, so they can tend to their son.  There is NO WAY he will be spending the night all by himself in the nursery!   

My blood pressure today was 124/80 and Jeremias had a heart rate of 153.  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I have a kidney stone!

I woke up at 2 AM with back pain.  I have had a kidney stone in the past and it felt like the same symptoms, so took some Tylenol, and hoped that would get me rest till morning, when I could go to Convenient Care. I woke back up at 4 AM hurting badly, so called Patient Advisory, who forwarded me to Labor & Delivery, since I am over 22 weeks pregnant.  They advised me to go to the Emergency Department as Convenient Care was not going to be able to diagnose and treat a kidney stone.  Luckily, my mom was spending the weekend, so stayed back with the kids.  I vomited in a leaky bag on the way up to the ER.  Brian and I went to ER, where urine sample showed blood in urine and some white blood cells present.  They skipped the CT scan due to pregnancy, but did an ultrasound to check my kidneys, bladder, and baby Jeremias. Jeremias was fine, moving about, heart beating normal, and showed no signs of stress.  Someone from OB department came down before I left the ER, just to check on Jeremias, and again showed no problems.  They gave me a bag of fluids and low doses of pain medication while I was there.  It feels like the MOST severe pain is out of my kidneys/upper area, it has worked itself down through the ureter, and the pain is mostly in my lower bladder area now.  They gave me an antibiotic, a medication to relax my ureter to allow the stone to move more freely out, and some low doses of pain meds.  I would rather deliver  a baby medication free that deal with the pain of a kidney stone.  ARGH!  I slept most of the morning and feeling better, but still not passed the stone.  I am taking it easy and flooding my body with fluids.  Jeremias just gave me a kick to let me know to get better quick..he is tired of laying around today.  :)    

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2 years ago today

I delivered Miss Grace.  I sent her 2 books for her birthday.  She is growing big and hear she has quite the personality.  :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Enjoying the weather

This preggo girl went for a rugged walk in the woods today - it was beautiful weather, mild temps.
My daughter and I

20.5 weeks

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

20 week appointment and ultrasound

I received my flu shot.  I had my ultrasound then saw my nurse practitioner.  My blood pressure was 124/78.  Baby's heart rate was 161, which is good for this stage.  His estimated weight is 11 ounces, which is within normal range for the gestational age.  She said that all organs and bone structures looked perfect.

However, the umbilical cord has a  "marginal cord insertion”, which means that instead of the umbilical cord inserting into the center of the placenta (the meatiest part), it’s inserted into the side of the placenta. In a small percentage of cases this can affect the growth of the baby but that Jeremias is growing right on track so we seem to be fine. If there IS a growth problem, they more than likely wouldn’t see it until the third trimester. I guess it has something to do with how the baby takes up more space in the uterus and somehow isn’t getting enough nutrients from the placenta to grow at a normal rate. They recommended growth ultrasounds every four weeks, which would be increased if they notice anything abnormal. There is a very low risk of anything happening. The nurse practitioner said the doctor is not usually concerned about this condition.  We will all keep a close eye on the little guy to make sure he is getting enough food in his belly!

I am feeling stronger flutters, no real big, strong kicks yet.  Life is good.   Happy Thanksgiving all!

Monday, November 11, 2013

17 weeks 5 days preggo

Although you can't see my belly too well, here is my most recent pic.  My family took a day trip to Chicago yesterday to the Field Museum.  Feeling well!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OB appointment

Had my appointment with my OB. My BP was 124/78. My Dr. wants me to wait to get the flu shot till next month. I will plan on going before or after my next appointment. He advised me to take a 24 hour allergy medication like Alavert or Zyrtec to decrease the allergy symptoms. He said I could also take a Benadryl at bedtime IF NEEDED. They did a quick check of Jeremias on the portable ultrasound machine. He was wiggling around and his little heartbeat looked good - so cute. Next appointment will be the sonogram (I should get more pictures) - it is scheduled for November 26 and I will meet with Dr.'s nurse practitioner afterwards. I see Dr. S____ again on December 30. During the last appointment with the nurse midwife, he mentioned probably doing an ultrasound around 32 weeks to determine the baby's size. If the baby was small in weight, we could do a vaginal birth after cesarean, if the baby was heavy - a c-section would be recommended. Today, I discussed this with Dr. S____. He asked if this was the last time I was going to be pregnant. I said yes. He recommended a scheduled c-section so we would not have possible complications with a vaginal birth after cesarean. He would be the one performing this. He presented Thursday, April 10th, 2014 as the birth date. I would be 39 weeks on this day. I asked the daddies if they have any opinions on this and will this date work for them both. We might just have birth date. I also completed blood work for my thyroid levels as I have an appointment with my endocrinologist next week. Moving right along. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

15.5 weeks preggo pic

Here I am ! I am feeling great, except for allergies. I am suffering despite the hard frosts we have had. I am SO over sneezing, itchy eyes, and foggy head from taking medications. I have an OB appt tomorrow AM. I am loving my pregnancy curves! Hope everyone is well!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Halloween from the pregnant Evil Queen

The kids and I went to a Halloween party this evening. We were all SNow White characters. I am currently 15.5 weeks. Feeling good.

Monday, October 14, 2013

2nd trimester and Skype

I will be 14 weeks Thursday.  :)  I need to get another belly pic soon.  Feeling good, except for allergies.   Ready for some frost to kill stuff.  The guys and I did a Skype call last night.  It was nice seeing them.  Everything is well.  Just growing this baby boy!

Monday, September 30, 2013

1st pre-natal appt. and 11.5 weeks belly pic!

Met up with some girlfriends for dinner, so took advantage of the hair and makeup done to get a decent pic of the belly!  Being my 5th pregnancy, my belly popped out pretty early.....so, ummm, yeah....I am ONLY 11.5 weeks, there is only 1 lil' guy in there, and I look like I am 6 months preggo!

On Wednesday of last week, I met with an OB nurse and went through my history and got blood work completed.  Thursday, I met with a midwife.  Baby Jeremias is looking good.  Due to having a bacterial infection, I am to start taking an antibiotic in a couple of weeks, when I reach 2nd trimester.  Everything else is looking good.  I return to see my OB in one month.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Proud Surrogate at Pride Event

The whole family went to the local GLBTQA Pride Event this past weekend. I wore my Proud Surrogate shirt - got a few compliments. Since the kids were with us, we missed out on the drag shows that happened later in the evening. They are always so much fun. The kids had fun playing games.

belly dancers - really sexy



The whole family

Thursday, September 5, 2013

3rd ultrasound

Well, here is lil' Jeremias growing big and strong.  I am considered 8 weeks.  My due date is APril 16, 2014.  I am feeling pregnant.  I might be forgetting, but I think I have a touch more nausea this time around.  Just a general, low nauseous feeling, nothing extreme, no actual vomiting, but enough to want to keep something on my belly.  The last few days, nothing has seemed appetizing to me.  Jeremias is using my energy to grow, leaving me a bit tired.  My youngest started back to pre-school, so I sometimes use the afternoon, while she is at school, to catch a quick rest.  I have also suffered from allergies this past week.  There is a lot of pollen in the air right now.  The fertility clinic said it was alright to manage it with Alavert and Benadryl, so have been taking these medications minimally to help.  Benadryl makes me sleepy so I tend to only take this at bedtime.  I look forward to the first frost to kill all that pollen.  I also look forward to my belly popping out more, as right now, I just feel pudgy.  I love the fullness of a pregnant body.  :)  

I am done with the fertility clinic and my local reproductive medicine monitoring clinic.  I am officially released to my OB physician.  I look forward to filling him in on all the details of this surrogacy.  My first appointments are later this month.   

I am supposed to continue the 2 estradiol patches every other day and my progeterone vaginal inserts until Sept. 21st.  

Grow, lil' guy, grow!  :)  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I get to stop injections - woohoo!

My medications are decreasing!   I am to decrease patches down to 2, stop baby aspirin, continue progesterone vaginal inserts, and STOP progesterone injections!!!  Yay!

2nd ultrasound

I am considered 7 weeks. The baby's growth is looking good, heart rate was at 150. I have a little blood spot next to the gestational sac that they want to monitor, but other than that everything looked good. Most likely the blood spot will just absorb, but if it pops open, I may have a little bleeding. I have been told that this little boy's name will most likely be Jeremias Sebastion. :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Look at this beauty I helped grow into a human being

Here is Miss Grace. I remain in contact with her momma and auntie via e-mail and get occasional photos. I couldn't pass this one by without posting. She is surrounded by love.  She will turn 2 years old in December.  It feels wonderful feeling appreciated for my efforts in bringing her into the world.

As I embark on my 2nd/final surrogacy journey, I am often reminded of the 1st journey.  It brings back many special memories and makes me look forward to making new memories with this journey.....  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

1st ultrasound

Disappointing news is that there is only 1 yolk sac. The good news is that the 1 looks great. They were able to determine a heart beat per minute of 114. Pretty amazing being able to see heart contraction less than a month after transfer. Pretty amazing, indeed!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

3rd beta test

Good news keeps coming.  My progesterone is still at great levels and my hCG is up to 1654!  I have ultrasounds scheduled for the next 3 Thursdays.  Hope to see 2 little yolk sacs next week.

Monday, August 12, 2013

2nd beta test

Went this morning for blood work.  Progesterone is at 24, they just wanted it above 10.
hCG:  They wanted the 80 to double.  Ummmm..mine is at 549!!!!  Holy cow!  I hope there are only 2 little boys growing in there!  :)  I return on Thursday and continue my medications.  I have been queasy through the day, but nothing major.  This is going along awesome!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Estimated due date

Based on a 5 day blastocyst embryo transfer on July 29, my estimated due date would be April 16, 2014.  However, with twins, it will be more likely to happen earlier.   Nice spring births!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Blood work this morning:  desired range for HCG is above 25 - mine was 80.  desired range for progesterone is above 10 - mine was 20!  Looking good!  Go back on Monday to make sure it is increasing.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Positive HPT

Whoomph!  THERE it is!  Proceed with caution:  Hope for high numbers on Thursday's blood work.  During the monitoring appointments - hope for 2 healthy yolk sacs, a few weeks later - hope for 2 beating hearts, then making it to the developmental milestone of viability.  and, THAT is JUST the beginning (well, for the parents that is).  I hope those little boys stay nice and cozy and I nourish some healthy, smart, beautiful sons for a deserving family!  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cautiously optimistic

I have taken 3 HPT's that showed faint positive.  I really think it should be darker (based on previous experience), but I will take it and be hopeful.  I took a digital one a couple days before the faint positive ones that said not pregnant, but I think it was a bit early. I do not have any more digital...maybe I can talk the husband into picking me one up before coming home from work.  I have had a few cramps and a couple moments of nausea. but not sure if they were hopeful imagining or genuine.  I have blood work on Thursday. I am hanging in!  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Transfer today

The transfer went well this morning.  The clinic staff states the embryos were beautiful, #5 and #19 were passed to my care, 1 from each papa.  The guys did genetic testing done (to check for abnormalities) and opted to find out the genetic sex of the embryos.  2 lil' males were transferred.  Grow, lil' dudes!  My camera either was jammed from carrying it in my purse or the batteries were dead...either way, no pictures were taken!  Bummer!  I will likely POAS in 5-6 days and have the official blood test in 10 days.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Everything is moving along

No exciting news on the surrogacy front.  Moving along on the intended schedule. Transfer is scheduled for the 29th - just a little over a week.  It better work this time!  I am not used to hearing negative surrounding anything pregnancy related.  I have been in contact with Enrique and Ricardo via e-mail.

I have been busy enjoying summer vacation with the kids.  I have a pretty good tan from taking the kids to the pool and generally enjoying summer.  If interested, I keep my family blog over at:  ltmrfmly.blogspot.com.

I will hopefully have good news to report in a couple of weeks.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Medication schedule/transfer date

Let's make it happen this time!  

I went in for blood and u/s on 6/20/13, it was normal,  and started Lupron 20 units.
I have a baseline blood and u/s scheduled for 7/2.
Patches will start on 7/9 and have a lining check on 7/15 and 7/22.
The embryo transfer is scheduled for Monday 7/29.  SOON!  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Possible late July transfer

I have yet to get my new medication schedule and transfer date, but was asked to list my remaining medications, get bloodwork and ultrasound check on the 19th or 20th to make sure my lining is all shed and starting things up on their own, and there is a prospective transfer date of July 29th or 30th.  I am ready!  Let's make this happen!  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beta negative :(

Blood test results are negative....boo!  I am to stop all medication and wait for instructions for the next round.  Very disappointing!  I was hoping the guys could share good news with their loved ones today.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Negative home pregnancy tests so far

I have taken home pregnancy tests and all have been negative.  I have been feeling a bit queasy, but it may just be a side effect of all the hormones. I REALLY think I would have seen a positive by now.  I will continue with all meds until Tuesday, when I have blood work to determine what to do next.  We are hanging on to the slim chance some lil' boys are growing inside me.  I will let you know how Tuesday goes. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

IVF due date calculator

Here is a calculator you can plug in the dates of IVF and they give you all kinds of information about due dates and embryonic development.  

If transferring a 5 day blastocyst on today's date:  
I would be considered 2 weeks, 5 days pregnant.
A singleton pregnancy would be due: 2/1/2014.  
Twin average gestation:  1/10/2014

Looks like my holidays will be spent relaxing on my big, pregnant butt!  :) 

Transfer today!

Surrogacy embryo transfer was this morning.  2 growing male blastocysts, 1 fertilized from each papa, are hopefully getting settled in for me to nourish and grow into little human beings.   I have a blood test to determine if I am pregnant in 11 days.  I will most likely pee on a stick in 5-6 days.  Stick and grow lil' dudes! :)

On the way home, I had an image of Enrique and Ricardo walking down the sidewalk hand in hand with 2 cute little boys.  I hope I can make this image reality.  :)
embryos #6 and #17 are the lucky winners to be thawed out and grow into  little guys!  

not so patiently waiting (with a full bladder) 

Happy as a clam, feeling effects from that wonderful little tablet called Valium.  Brian says I need a regular dose of this stuff.  I did not complain for over 4 hours!  LOL  It seriously made me decrease my 10,000 thoughts rushing through my female brain down to maybe 100.  ;)  

the supportive husband.  I love this guy! 

AM I Pregnant?!

For the time being, I am to continue on my medications.  I am anxious to see results!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Transfer tomorrow morning

Hopefully, I will be reporting a smooth experience and a positive pregnancy test next week. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

1st Progesterone injection

My husband performed the 1st progesterone injection just a few moments ago.  I used an ice pack prior to the shot, which helped GREATLY!  Well, I  believe it did.  :)  The soreness hurt worse than the actual injection.  Good job, hubby!  I imagine after several of these, my ass will be quite uncomfortable.  I don't even want to look at the mess my butt is going to look like.  I may just ignore it and continue to have my husband perform the task, and act like it is not happening.....yeah...we will see how that works.  

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Transfer is a go next week!

I had an appt this morning to check uterine lining and bloodwork. Everything looked great (my uterus is all cushy just waiting for those embies to land softly and cozy themselves in for about 9 months).  The embryo transfer will be happening late next week!!!!  Woohoo!  I finish up my Lupron shots tomorrow and start the GIGANTIC progesterone injections in my ass on Sunday!!!!  I also start Endometrin vaginally 3 times daily on Sunday.  I need to keep doing my patches, Estrace, baby aspirin.  I will have an appt. 11 days after transfer for a blood work pregnancy test.  IF pregnant, I will be scheduling a bunch more monitoring appts. with Mr. Weenie Wand.  ;)   For those NOT familiar with this lil' guy - my uterine lining checks and EARLY baby checks are by ultrasound transvaginally.  The instrument they use looks like a skinny weenie....just sayin.  ;)

Wish me sticky vibes!!!!  This is about to get REALLY exciting!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Need to increase my estrogen levels

Test results show my uterine lining is thickening nicely, but my estrogen was a bit low.  I am to start the Estrace tablets vaginally daily to get my levels up.  I go back next week for another check.

Uterine lining check

Had an appt. this morning to check the status of my uterine lining since starting the estradiol patches. In 2 weeks, I will be accepting 2 blastocysts into my soft, cushy womb! Life is good!  

Friday, April 26, 2013

SIde effects decreased

My side effects have balanced out, lessened.  Tmorrow, I am due to decrease the Lupron from 20 to 5 unit injections daily and increase my estradiol patches from 1 to 2 every other day.  Everything is going well.  Transfer  is scheduled for less that 1 month away!!!!  Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Side effects

I used to not be so sensitive to side effects from medication, but I guess I am getting old.  ;)
I am putting on the estradiol patches every other day.  The night before I am scheduled to change the patch, I get a mild headache that usually lasts all night.  After I change the patch, I feel better.  CRazy!  It make me wonder what menopause is going to be like!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Started Vivelle patches early

I have been having minor headaches from the Lupron injection medication.  The nurse, last week, said if the head aches started to be bothersome, I could start my patches a little early because it may offset the hormones and alleviate that side effect.  Last night, I had a headache and woke up this morning with it, so I started the patches 2 doses earlier than the scheduled Friday start date.  When I started the patches, I am to also take a baby aspirin to offset blood clotting risk and start taking a pre-natal vitamin.  Pre-natal vitamins tend to make me nauseous and yep, I have dealt with queasy tummy all morning.  After eating some lunch, it is better, but need to remember to take the pre-natal vitamin at bedtime so I am sleeping through the digestion of it.  Other than that, things are great.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Body is doing good!

Lab results show my body is reacting to the medication as it should.  The fertility nurse said I am close enough that I can cancel my appointment next week and then start the hormone patches next week as scheduled.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another baseline appt.

Today is day 6 of my menstrual cycle.  I have been injecting Lupron for several days.  I went and had bloodwork and an ultrasound to see if my uterine lining shed nicely and my ovaries are nice and quietly suppressed from the Lupron.  I go next week and if everything checks out okay, I will be starting some hormone patches.  In 5 weeks, I could be accepting 2 little blastocysts that I will grow into complete human beings!  Amazing!   

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Endocrinology appointment

 I had my quarterly endocrinology (thyroid doctor) appointment today.  My blood pressure was at 133/78.  I was VERY happy to see it back to normal for me, especially that bottom number.  My labs were all within normal range, so no changes were made.  He did ask that I get blood work drawn a month after the transfer to make sure my levels are okay.  If the transfer still happens in May, I will get bloodwork in June.  If my dose needs adjusting, he will call me before my scheduled appointment, which is scheduled for late July, to make those adjustments.  

Lupron injections are going fine, no problems.  Next thing to happen on the schedule is for me to begin my period, then have blood work and ultrasound day 3-6 of cycle.  

Saturday, March 30, 2013

MUCH easier this evening

for the Lupron!  Thank goodness.  I kicked that anxiety to the curb!  :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lupron started

So, absolutely no anxiety about the Lupron UNTIL right before I pushed it in and then the realization of  'THIS IS SO FREAKING UNNATURAL- TO STAB MYSELF' hit and I had a minor anxiety attack until I finally freaking did it after several minutes, then remembered that it is a tiny needle and it really isn't that bad.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will not delay in my craziness and JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!! 

Then sitting here tonight, I thought, OMG - I have to go through LABOR again.  THAT hurts!  What was I thinking!? 

I am actually really glad to be at this point....REALLY getting started on the important stuff.  Getting my body ready to carry 1-2 babies that will create a family WITH children to love.  Exciting stuff! It really is amazing to be able to be give my body to help others in this way.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rolling along!

Alright, the legal contract has been signed and sent off.  I had a baseline appointment this morning. I had bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasound.  Everything was perfect - showing ovulation had occurred.  I can start my 20 units of Lupron tomorrow evening.  It is a small syringe of medicine in my belly fat. I am not at all anxious like I was the first time I did this a couple of years ago.  I remember doing this with ease after awhile with the first surrogacy.

I am absolutely pleased with how this fertility clinic lays out my medication schedule and monitoring appointments orders.  It helps that I went through this before, but people seem to have their shit together so much more this time around.  I felt thrown into it last time, being blamed when I did not do things correctly, when they were not explained very well.    

In other news, I got a message from Champaign Urbana Pride Fest announcing their 4th Pride Fest. It is scheduled for September 14.  I should be 4 months pregnant.  I better have my big, pregnant twin belly and I am totally going to rock a "My Uterus Is An Ally" shirt on the front with an Ask Me About Surrogacy on the back.  Who is coming with me to see the drag shows and other performances?  C'mon, it is always a blast!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

19 potential babies

I was informed that they got 19 frozen embryos waiting for me to complete my medication cycle and 2 lucky ones will be chosen to be implanted into my warm, cushy uterus in mid May.

Monday, March 25, 2013

We have movement!

Legal is getting finalized.  Signatures need to happen, but feels good to be finishing up this part.  

I have an appointment scheduled on Thursday for bloodwork and transvaginal ultrasound for ovarian size and uterine lining thickness, the pharmacy is sending out the medications, and as long as everything checks out well, I will start with my Lupron injections in my belly Friday.  

I should get a period sometime 4/5 – 4/6.  I  will need to go in for blood and ultrasound day 3-6  of my period.  I should have an appointment for Thursday 4/18/13 to ensure that the Lupron 20 units is keeping my ovaries quiet and suppressed.

If the blood and u/s results are normal, I will start the estrogen patches (miniville) on 4/19.  I will apply 1 patch every other day until April 27, then the patches increase to 2 patches every other day and gradually increase to 4 patches.  A check will be done for response to the patches on 5/3 and 5/10 – if additional medication is needed, I will be instructed to add a medication called Estrace.  This is a tablet that can be taken orally or vaginally.  I will only be instructed to start this if needed.

On 4/27, Lupron dose decrease to 5 units daily.  Last dose of Lupron will be on 5/11/12.

I will start the progesterone in oil injection on 5/12/13 and continue this daily.  ARGH!  NOT fun - much bigger needles and in my butt!  OUCH!

The Embryo transfer is scheduled for Friday 5/17/13. 

The pregnancy test is ordered for Tuesday 5/28/13.

Things are about to get exciting on my end. :)   

Monday, March 18, 2013


Ok, contract between myself and agency is completed.  We have the draft from the parent's attorney, will be reviewing it this evening, having a phone conference with our attorney tomorrow.  Does not look like anything major that needs revised.  Hopefully, we will bust this thing out.  :) 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Embryos have been made

Ok.  I thought it was exciting to have 33 eggs retrieved.  I have been informed that 22 of those have been fertilized and are now growing.  They will grow for a few days and the viable ones will be frozen/production will be halted until they can carefully be transferred to my warm, cushy uterus in several weeks.  How many of those fertilized cells will continue to grow?  There are 2 masses of dividing cells, growing right now, that will, in less than 1 year, be newborn babies.......that I help bring into this world....Amazing to think about......

Is it weird of me to be saddened just a bit that these mass of dividing cells are all alone in a sterile, cold, distant lab and not in a warm, loving, welcoming body?!   Soon enough little ones, soon enough.  I will give them shelter and nourishment until they can get to their daddies.  :) 

Donor egg retrieval

I was informed that the donor egg retrieval was performed yesterday - they were able to obtain 33 eggs!  Can you imagine?  Releasing 33 eggs in one month, rather than the 1-2 one usually does.  Crazy!  Thank you   to the young, beautiful girl who donated part of her DNA to create 1-2 beautiful, loved children!  The guys left their sperm samples when they were here in Chicago area during their December visit.

I have completed the legal contract between myself and the agency.  I am now waiting for the contract between myself and the parents to review.

The fertility nurse is back in the office tomorrow and will be contacting me with a new medication schedule.

Let's keep things moving!  :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Legal - here I come!

Ok, we are moving forward!  I was told I am CLEARED to move forward.  I made the initial contact with the attorney and she forwarded some documents to get started.  woohoo!  The fertility nurse is working on a new medication schedule.  Things are going to get moving!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Echocardiogram and stress test

Both tests performed this week shows normal results.  I am working on getting a letter sent from the cardiologist, then the decision is left to other parties if we are moving forward or not.  I am SO ready to move on from these appointments!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cardiology appointment

 I attended a cardiology consultation appointment today.  He reviewed my blood pressures over the last year.  Today's levels taken by the nurse at the beginning of the appt was:  Left: 128/79, Right: 136/85.  Later in the appt, the doctor took it again - Left: 124/90, Right: 128/88.  He looked at some of the tests from yesterday - everything he could see in the computer system, he stated was within normal range.  He said the chest x-ray looked normal and the bloodwork came back normal.   The clinic staff who performed the tests yesterday JUST called and stated that tests were all normal, as well.  I asked specifically about EKG.  She confirmed everything measured during the test was normal.  Yay! 

The cardiologist thought it may have been the BCP's as well, doesn't anticipate problems with the echocardiogram next week, and told me to stop worrying about as he thought I was displaying anxiousness about it and explained the effects of anxiety on heart function as well.  My husband says I have been worrying about it too much as well.   I guess I need to start listening to these guys.  I have been a little frustrated and disappointed that things have not went smoothly, especially after working so hard at it.  I am glad these tests are being done, so there are no what ifs to ponder.  

I have the echocardiogram next week.  Just to cover all bases, he also scheduled a treadmill stress test next week as well, but does not anticipate problems.  He feels that I am healthy to move forward with a pregnancy. The cardiologist said there is no need to return to him unless I have questions or tests next week are abnormal.

I will let you know how things go and if we are moving forward soon.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Primary physician blood pressure appt.

I attended an appointment with a primary physicain this morning.  My blood pressure reading during the appt. was  122/88, 128/88, and 126/88 (taken 2 times by the nurse , then again by the doctor).  Before leaving the clinic, I had a chest X-ray, bloodwork for basic metabolic panel, CBC w/DIFF, TSH, T4 - Free, and a ECG 12 LEAD.   
I have a consultation with a cardiologist tomorrow afternoon.  I have a Echocardiography scheduled for 2/26.  

That bottom number is still concerning.  The doctor thought it was the side effect from the BCP still flirting with me.  He said he would be surprised if anything came back abnormal with the additional tests, but you never know until I do them, so he ordered them.  

At this point, I will do these additional tests and hope everything checks out okay.  If Enrique and Ricardo are comfortable with moving forward, woohoo - we get the show on the road!   

If they are not, I will understand, but but be disappointed.  They are not getting any younger and don't need further delays.  They are excited to get this process moving as well.  

I might then inquire about getting matched up with someone else when my blood pressure returns to normal range with BOTH systolic and diastolic numbers.  If I were to do this, I imagine I would have to forward these new records and have the new couple/fertility doctor approve everything.  I would not want to reintroduce BCP's in the medication protocol.  

If I can not perform a second surrogacy, I will be greatly disappointed.  However, I have about 10,000 projects that always need worked on and completed, so will not be at a loss for something productive to do.

Here is to normal test results and moving forward!  


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Asked to follow up with primary care physician

After talking to the OB department, they guys want me to follow up with a primary care physician to look further into the blood pressure issue.  I am supposed to ask about additional tests to make sure my heart is actually healthy.  I have an appt. next week.  If my numbers are consistent or lower than my last appt, I am sure that it was just the side effect of the BCP's  and doubt that my physician will order additional tests.  We will see though.  I understand the reluctance to move forward with out more of a certainty of health. They are getting ready to put forth lots of money and trust into a person/process and want things to be as ideal as possible to start off.  In the end, a decision will need to be made and we will hopefully be moving forward together.   I will write after my appt. next week.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fertility doctor okay with moving forward

Just a little update to to let you know that the fertility doctor is comfortable with moving forward at this point. Enrique and Ricardo would like to follow up with my OB to ask some questions before giving the go.  I understand this as they are getting ready to put forth a ton of money and trust in a person.  One has to be cautious with the risks of doing that.  I hope they get to talk with my OB soon and their concerns are alleviated.  I have continued to exercise at least 5 days a week, feeling good and looking better!    

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CP/high BP/OB appt

Well, after being discouraged from the 2 week follow up appt with numbers still high, I have a renewed opinion that those high numbers are from the birth control pills.  After 3 weeks of being off the pills, the numbers are FINALLY starting to lower.  :)   

I met with my OB this morning.  I gave him a review of my BP and medications over the course of the last year.  Here it is:
3/1/2012:  131/75
6/5/2012:  128/68
9/6/2012:  120/74
12/5/2012:  started Mononessa birth control pill
12/20/2012:  135/88
12/21/2012:  140/90 and 142/90
1/15/2013:  130/92 and 134/95
1/15/2013:  discontinued BCP
1/30/2013:  134/92, 128/92, and 124/90
2/5/2013:  124/82 and 122/84
2/6/2013:  130/82

It is of my doctor's opinion that it most likely a side effect from the BCP's as well as I have never had problems before.  He wrote a letter from stating that I am physically able to perform a surrogacy. 

The doctor and I briefly discussed risks to baby and myself if I DID continue to have hypertension during the pregnancy, but do not expect this to be a problem.  He did not feel that a BP monitoring device would be helpful at this time as the numbers seem to be lowering.  

Personally and ideally, I will be happier when that lower number reaches below 80, but was pleased with the decrease over the last week and am hopeful that the numbers will remain within normal range.  For my own curiosity, I plan on getting another BP check in a week or 2 to make sure it keeps improving, then remains stable.   

I will await further instruction from the guys and fertility clinic.  If we can move forward, we still need to iron out legal stuff. 

I feel bad and apologetic for this delay. that my body was not perfect, that it was not a smooth process.....I am hopeful to move forward and make up for this glitch!  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blood pressure

Well, I have been off of my BCP's for 2 weeks now, have exercised every day, and increased eating of "heart healthy" foods.  

I went today for a recheck.  Here are the results:  left arm - regular cuff: 134/92.  Left arm - wide cuff:  128/92.  Right arm - wide cuff:  124/90.  

I started the Mononessa BCP on 12/5/2012 and ended them on 1/15/2013.  I was taking them for 6 weeks.  I still don't like that bottom BP number, as I have been working my butt off to be as healthy as possible.  The nurse said it may take more time IF it is from the BCP's.  However,  we can't wait forever......ugh!  

I am following up with my OB next week.  If those numbers are not down, I may not be cleared for this.....I would be greatly disappointed, along with many other people....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fertility doctor response

 The nurse reviewed my blood pressures with the doctor.  He would like me to stop birth control pills at this time and have my blood pressure checked in 2 weeks.  If it is down to a normal range, he is comfortable proceeding with the transfer.  We will not use birth control pills and plan to start medications day 21 of my cycle.  The down side is I will/may be on the Lupron injection for 1-3 weeks longer because I can’t take birth control pills.  I am supposed to email them with my period after I stop the pill and with my next blood pressure level.  I expect to see a difference, but we will see!  HOPING for good results!!!!

Blood pressure follow up

I attended an appointment at my local clinic yesterday to follow up on the high BP readings from the fertility clinic appt. on 12/21/2012.  My BP readings from today were right arm: 130/92, left arm a few minutes later: 134/95.  Still high, especially for the bottom number........  :(

Since the 12/21 appt where the high reading was documented, I have busted my butt, increasing my exercise to every day. I did not have a poor diet before, but I also increased my "heart healthy" foods, hoping that those changes would also make a difference.  I was very disappointed to see those numbers today.

My BP taken on 9/6/12 was near perfect at 120/74.  The only change I have had since that time is adding the birth control pills.  I started the BCP's on 12/5/2012.  High blood pressure can be a side effect of BCP's.  I had never had issues in the past when on BCP's, but the nurse stated that the influence of that side effect can increase with age.   Her recommendation was to discontinue the BCP's.  I am not sure if this is possible when following the IVF medication schedule.  I am due to stop the BCP's on 1/28/2013 anyhow to have a period, then start other medications.  I am guessing this is the issue with the high BP numbers and I would see a difference when off of them.  However, I am not supposed to start other medication protocol until I am medically cleared and legal is completed.  

We have not been able to work on legal stuff because I am not medically cleared.  ARGH!   There are going to be A LOT of disappointed people if there are further delays or if we can not move forward.   

I am waiting to hear the fertility doctor/nurse's opinions and advisement.