Sunday, April 27, 2014

Welcome Home, Jeremias!

Jeremias is finally home in Argentina with his daddies.  They all arrived home this weekend.  He will be meeting LOTS of family and friends over the coming days.  Jermeias is busy making sure his dads are REALLY sleep deprived.  I sure do miss these boys!  I hope contact will continue and we will share our lives for years to come.  :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Visiting with Jeremias

All the boys will be leaving the area tomorrow.  We saw them on Sunday at their hotel and they are coming to our home this evening for dinner.  They just sent this captured moment to me from our visit on Sunday.  I love these guys and will miss them.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Birth Story - Jeremias

I was scheduled for a c-section on Friday, APril 11th. On Wednesday, April 9th, I woke up feeling a bit crampy and tired. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy, so thought nothing of being crampy.  I rested on the couch mid morning and about 10:50 AM, I used the bathroom.  I had bright red, bloody show.  Whenever I have lost my mucous plug in the past, it was just pink tinged.  I wondered if it may be a hemmorhoidal issue, but after going to the bathroom a couple more times, I determined it was not. I was having crampiness, but no REAL contractions.  I called my OB clinic who said to come on in and get monitored and checked.

I made arrangements for my kids, Brian came home, and went with me.  I started timing my "cramps"  which had seemed to be getting more regular, but still nothing that seemed intense.  On the way up to the clinic, they were spaced 4-7 minutes apart and I started to slightly pause and take notice.
We arrived at the OB clinic.  They hooked me up to the monitor.  
I had felt Jeremias moving earlier in the day, but there was not any action from him at the clinic, so they gave me some grape juice and buzzed (sound and vibration) my belly with some instrument to get him woke up.  He started moving about and contractions started being a bit more intense.  My blood pressure was a little high.  My vaginal discharge was no longer bright red, more brownish.  They decided to send me over to Labor and Delivery to get a bag of fluid, thinking maybe I was a bit dehydrated and not even in active labor.
Soon after arriving in L&D, they got the IV in, I continued to have contractions.     
The nurse checked me - I was dilated to 4.  15 minutes later, the OB checked me - I was dilated to 5.  She determined I would be staying.  The anesthesiologist came in and discussed our options for surgery.  Because I had that grape juice at the clinic, I would need to wait till I could get the spinal for the c-sections surgery.  I could also just be put to sleep.  AN hour later, the doctor checked me again, I was dilated to 8.  I had no choice - I was going to be knocked out to have this baby/ c-section surgery.   They paged the anesthesiologist and started prepping me for surgery. The contractions were VERY uncomfortable.

I remember being bumped into walls being wheeled into the OR room.  The contractions were crazy.  They wanted me to transfer from 1 bed to the operating table - I did quickly between very close contractions.  The contractions kept coming intense with no time between.  They asked me to open and relax my legs to place a catheter.  I was screaming like a primal wild animal at this point.  When they finally forced my legs open to start putting a catheter, the doctor said there would be no time, I was just going to have to push - he was right there.  WHAT?????!!!!!!  I was pushing away from the table with my legs, trying to escape this crazy situation I was in.  There were several people trying to help me, forcing my legs up and my chin to my chest, but I was delirious and did not know what the hell to do.  Finally, I felt his head crowning, I realized what I had to do, and concentrated on proper pushing.  I FELT EVERYTHING!  His head stretching me and coming out, his shoulders and body, then the placenta.  OMG!!  Then I was fine.  :)  I was in disbelief at what happened.  I still kind of am.  :)  I can say that recovery is A LOT different from what I expected to be having, that is for sure!  I am tired, but feel great!  
I told Brian that if I was unable to care for Jeremias until his daddies arrived, he HAD to hold him.  Jeremias was not going to be placed alone in the nursery.  He only had to do this a few minutes while I got monitored and cleaned up.  
Here he is!  
Look at that hair!  

what a sweetie!
The guys rushed to get here.  They had been in NYC doing touristy things with one of their moms.  They got an earlier flight and arrived ASAP, getting to us around 3 AM - 8 hours after Jeremias was born.  I got to act as temporary mommy until the guys arrived.  I enjoyed this time.  
Video of them coming in.  :)  So excited and happy for them.  

handing over the responsibility of this precious life

I LOVE this first pic of the new family.  

this is another one of my favorites!  filled with joy!  

handing over to grandma for the 1st time


this is my schedule all planned out.....notice it is crossed off up to Wednesday.  I was supposed to have a couple more days!  That lil' guy did not follow the plan!  

I pumped while at the hospital and provided the liquid gold that is colostrum.  
Proud, tired daddies

Discharge day

grateful grandmas

We made a great team!  Love these guys!  
I was discharged on Friday.  I went to visit the guys and Jeremias at their hotel on Sunday.  My mom, husband, and kids came along and we said our good-byes (for now).  Another amazing experience!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I  am going to lose 10 more pounds after I start pooping.  I haven't gone since delivery.  That is 13 meals in there people!

If you like pea soup scented perfume, apply peas in their original grocery store bag to engorged, swollen, feverish breasts.  The juice oozes/leaks out of the bag and perfumes the skin perfectly. Otherwise, add another protective layer like a Ziploc bag.  ;)

More hospital pics coming soon.... I promise!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Early Surprises

 Jeremias was to arrive via scheduled c-section on Friday, April 11th.  He made a dashing sprint into the world on Wednesday evening, leaving this gestational surrogate with an unmedicated VBAC delivery! 

Enrique and Ricardo arrived 8 hours after their son's birth.  Look at the love and joy in this picture.  I so wish the photograph was more clear and crisp, but it still captures the beginning of a wonderful journey of fatherhood for them.

I have more pictures, but will post them  and more details later this weekend as I am tired.  :)  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Eviction Notice

Department of Housing:  Surrogacy Division
Tenant must vacate the premises by APril 11, 2014.
Other living arrangements have been made and eagerly await your arrival.
The Management

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

38 weeks

I  have been sorting through all kinds of emotions.....dealing with end of pregnancy 

uncomfortableness, but, knowing this is my LAST pregnancy is bittersweet. I am excited to 

move on to other adventures, but am sad this is the last time I will be using my body to 

grow life. The finality of it has been making me have such a mix of emotions.  I am 

incredibly grateful to have been able to do it this one last time.

The baby will be taken Friday, APril 11th unless he decides to appear early.