Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doctor appt.

Yesterday, Brian and I attended my medical appointment with the fertility doctor in Chicago area. It took about 3.5 hours to get there. I was in the appt. for 2 hours. The parents had an appt. at the same time so we ran into them in the office - it was great to see them. It felt good to give her a big hug. I had blood work done, a hyterosonogram, signed consent forms, and was shown how to do Lupron injections. I was told my uterus was "pretty" - :). In one of the sonogram pictures, I could actually see the follicle my right ovary was going to release soon - pretty cool. The hysterosonogram was not what I expected. I have had pap smears worse than the procedure. The staff did an amazing job - was very gentle and thorough.

After taking standard medications, all looked good for an embryo transfer the week of Feb 21st. However, my blood work came back showing my thyroid levels to be slightly low. To go forth, they need everything to be at their optimal levels. I have to go get a thyroid antibody blood test done, take Synthroid for 3 weeks, then take the test again. We will see if it throws the embryo transfer date off.

I have not noticed any change in my energy level, often associated with low thyroid levels. I am often tired, but I am a parent of a 4, 3, and almost 2 year old and it is in the middle of winter, when many people are wanting to hibernate. Heck, maybe by taking this Synthroid, I will a notice an INCREASE in energy - that would be great! I can always use that!

I have also started taking pre-natal vitamins. Hopefully, this thyroid thing will work itself out quickly and we can keep moving forward! Will keep you updated!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fertility Doctor appt. scheduled

Brian and I have an appointment with the fertility doctor on Wednesday, December 29. Since it is almost 3 and half hours away, we are going to try to get everything done in one appointment. I will have the saline injected sonogram, blood work to check for diseases and/or thyroid problems among other things, sign consent forms and will be taught how to do the hormone injections.
The parents have their appt. the same day. Hopefully, we will see each other, as this journey is going to start to get interesting! I am very excited that we are at this point of the journey.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Legal contract signed and mailed

The contract was signed this weekend. Our friends, Laura and Anna signed as witnesses. Brian is putting it into the mail today. Once the attorney recieves it, she will fax a letter of completion to the fertility doctor and I can schedule my medical clearance appointment for after the start of my next cycle. I expect the appt. to be between Xmas and New Year's. Hopefully there will be no problems with scheduling during this time due to the holidays. I will keep you updated.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Received the legal contract

I finally received the completed contract today with the intended parents' signatures. Brian and I will need to sign and have 2 witnesses sign. I will get this completed this weekend and have it back in the mail on Monday. It is too late to schedule the medical appointment this month with the fertility doctor as I have already started and ended my period. The appointment will hopefully be scheduled for next month with news of my medical clearance in time for X-mas. It will be nice for the intended parents to share this news with their loved ones over the holidays. I can then start on medication soon after! It would be even more awesome if there was a newborn for the family next X-mas! So exciting!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Legal contract is finished

Well, it needs to be signed by all parties, but everything has been settled. A letter of completion is supposed to be sent to the fertility doctor. After they receive the letter, I can schedule my medical consultation/clearing. The appointment needs to be scheduled 6-12 days after the start of my cycle so the sonogram can be performed to check the condition of my uterus. My last period started Oct.30, so my next should be arriving in the next week. Hopefully, the appt. can be scheduled for this coming month, rather than waiting a whole other month. I am supposed to call the fertility doctor back at the end of the week.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Legal contract phase

The legal contracts are going back and forth with questions and minor changes. It can be a little stressful at times, making sure everyone is protected and feels secure with moving forward. We all are taking medical, emotional, and financial risks. I understand the need for all the legal issues to be hammered out. However, I am looking forward to it being finalized and getting on to the pregnancy and passing on a much desired baby to a loving family. During the legal phase, we are advised to forward all questions to the attorney, not the intended parents, or anyone else. I understand this, but have not liked not being able to talk to the parents. I look forward to being done with this phase and sharing a pregnancy with the parents. Hopefully, this part will be completed soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Just a quick note to say that things are progressing quite well on the surrogacy route. Last month, I talked to the fertility doctor who filled me in on the methods, medications, and procedures that I will have to go through. I will have to have a sonogram to check that my uterus is still in good condition. If I am medically cleared, then I will start oral hormones, then add Lupron injections, and vaginal suppository hormones. If everything goes well, there will be 2 embryos transferred to me via IVF.

Before the fertility doctor will start, all the legal contracts have to be completed. The contract between the agency and myself has been completed and signed. The direct agreement between the intended parents and myself is being revised and reviewed right now and soon shall be done.

I am learning all kinds of new things throughout this process. I love new experiences and sharing it with others. The attorney has advised me to NOT share certain things, so feel free to ask any questions, but please be understanding if I can't disclose certain information.

I am looking forward to moving on to the medical aspects of this journey. It will be very exciting.
It is interesting how much more serious I am feeling about it all the closer it gets to a REAL pregnancy. Initially, I felt that it would be a nice thing to do for others and thought it would be "cool" to go through the experience. After discussing it in depth with attorneys and doctors, I fully understand the risks I am taking. I understand the DEPTH of this experience. If things go as planned, it will go smoothly and I will have a wonderful pregnancy/delivery and hand over someones beautiful baby/ies. This is what everyone wants and will hope for.

There ARE risks that everyone involved is taking though. The intended parents have to trust that I will do the best job I can carrying their baby/ies and hand over healthy babies. The intended parents are taking huge financial risks along the way. I am taking medical risks that can not only affect my body, but my life and family's lives. I feel the depth/seriousness of these issues now.

I hope to write another update soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Psychological results in!

The psychologist sent us all her report. Everything is fine and we can move forward. The agency forwarded the report to the fertility doctor. I scheduled a phone consultation with the fertility doctor for later this month. After this phone consultation, we can schedule an in-person medical screening. I will need to travel to Chicago suburbs to complete the medical screening.

I have been updating the intended mother (IM) directly through e-mail. We have had small personal exchanges which have been nice. I also gave her this blog url so she can view my progress/feelings through this adventure.

I need to contact the agency representative to inquire when I need establish contact again with the attorney. I wish there was not so much time between appointments, but am very glad things keep moving forward. I am excited and anxious to get to the more exciting/interesting parts of this process. I can only imagine the feeling that the intended parents (IP) feel as they approach getting closer to their baby growing.

I will keep you updated!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Brian and I attended our psychological evaluation yesterday. We had a consultation with the psychologist, then took the MMPI - a personality test that had over 300 questions.
The doctor was pleasant enough. We had a discussion that hopefully left her satisfied that we were not totally crazy.

During the testing, Brian and I were placed in separate rooms. I laughed out loud at some of the questions - especially the paranoia ones. After we left the appointment, Brian and I discussed our answers. OMG! They are going to think that Brian is egotistical, cheating, has no respect for authority, unhappily married and I am a lier!!!!

Some of the questions we discussed:
I always tell the truth. I marked T (true). Well, I sometimes don't tell the WHOLE truth. Sometimes, I am more tactful, I avoid saying the truth, or avoid the question. I like to be truthful, but sometimes being kind outweighs the depth of the truth that exists. Sometimes, I want to spare someones feelings, so I lessen the blow. Brian says this would be lying. hmmm... difference of semantics, I suppose.

1 or both partners in a marriage are unhappy. Brian marked T
Most men cheat on their wives. Brian marked T
Everything would be better if we got rid of most laws. Brian marked T
I have had to take orders from someone who knew less than me. Brian marked T
I am about as capable as others around me. Brian put F, because he feels he is more capable!

Geesh - can we say EGOTISTICAL? Brian IS a smart, capable guy, don't think highly of most people, and is very libertarian minded. When asked about the marriage and cheating, he responded that it is a statistical fact that majority of marriages end in divorce, hence being unhappy. He doesn't think high of most men. The question was in regards to most men/most people, NOT him. OK.

I am interested in gender differences for the MMPI. I am sure his responses are more in the norm for males than females, but still! I keep telling him that he going to be pulled back in for counseling before we can move forward! I sent the remainder of the day fretting and stewing over the answers. geesh!

The psychologist will call us back in if there needs to be further discussion. We will hear how we did soon, I suppose.

Hopefully, we can start moving forward on the legal contract and medical consultation soon. I am looking forward to moving on to the more exciting parts of this process!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fertility Clinic

Just a quick note to say I have a phone call into the fertility clinic of the intended parents to have a phone consultation with the fertility doctor. I will post an update after I have the conversation. Most likely, there will be discussion of medical procedures involved in the surrogacy process. They probably want to make sure I am fully informed of what I am getting involved in.

I am scheduled for my psychological evaluation this Friday. After I am cleared/considered stable enough to be a surrogate, the intended parents and I can get started on the legal contracts and I will schedule a medical screening/consultation with the fertility doctor. I know how anxious I am to get things moving.....I can only imagine what anxiety the intended parents have...trusting in the surrogacy process and waiting for their babies......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Immunization received

I saw my primary physician today and received my MMR vaccine. Ouch - it hurt! Babies are tough lil' suckers for having to get all those shots! My doctor looked at the labs from when it stated that I no longer had immunity. I still had some immunity left, but not in the desired range. Mine was either 8.75 or 8.93 and it needed to be above 9.99. I will have to get the medical records showing I received the shot sent to the agency. Now, I just need to wait for the psych eval.

Monday, July 12, 2010

NOT immune to Rubella - need vaccine

Well, it has been discovered in my last delivery/OB records that I am NOT immune to Rubella. Therefore, I have to get an immunization shot and have it in my system for approximately 3 months before the embryo transfer. If I was to catch MMR during pregnancy, it could do LOTS of damage to the fetus. My OB/Gyn/midwife office does not give these shots so I have to go to my primary, who I haven't seen since before all my children were conceived - almost 5 years ago! I tried to schedule an appt today, but wanted to talk to the nurse to make sure they had it on hand at the office during my appt. I did not know if the dosing was different for adults from the children's dose. I would hate to travel the 45 minutes to get the vaccine and not have what I need. I will get this appt done ASAP to keep moving forward!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Questions to answer

Jen asks:
I have so many questions about this. Maybe this is too personal and none of my business, so just tell me so if that is how you feel. Are you using your eggs with the father's sperm? Sperm donation? Is this done through IUI or IVF? If IUI with medications, did they tell you the risk of multiple pregnancy? If IVF, are you using an embryo donation? If so, is the embryo from the parents? Do you know which medication cocktail you will be taking? Ok-that is all for now.

Jen - you should know better by now - I am an open book. There is almost no question, when asked sincerely, that I am offended by......I am willing to answer almost anything. Feel free to ask any questions along this process.

I am NOT using my eggs. I would NOT want to do this as I feel some ownership to my DNA. I would not want to give my DNA to a child that would be raised by someone other than myself and my husband.

It varies with each person/couple, but with the couple I am matched with, the embryo/s will contain eggs from the mother and sperm from the father. The intended parents actually have a 4 year old child that they conceived and carried naturally. Her pregnancy was wonderful, but there was complications with the delivery. She had developed TTP/HELLP and it did not present itself until time of delivery. If I remember correctly, she almost died, was in a coma, needed several corrective surgeries, needed dialysis, and was unable to hold her child for several months. Needless to say she nor her family want her to take that risk again. They thought about adoption, but strongly desire their biological child.

Typically, the embryos will be placed IVF. I am not sure of exactly what medication I will be taking and the exact procedures that I will undergo, but I am familiar with the standard practices of gestational surrogacy. My menstrual cycle will need to be on track with the intended mother's so my uterine lining is thickened and ready at the same time egg retrieval is happening from the mother. I may need to take oral and/or injections to make this happen. Here is a list of commonly used medication used during an IVF cycle for both myself and the mother. I am not sure exactly what drug cocktail I will be using until later.

I have been told that the parent's are requesting to transfer 2 embryos. I am willing to do this, but understand the greater risk it involves. I would be happy with 1, concerned - but willing with 2, and scared with anything beyond that.

Here is another link with FAQ's that may interest you. Let me know if you have further questions.

Psychological evaluation scheduled

I am scheduled to have my psychological evaluation completed July 30. I will need to talk with the doctor for about 90 minutes for a consultation then complete a 1 hour test. We will get to see just how crazy I really am! ;) Slow, but steady progress. Looking forward to contract phase and impregnating phase. However, NOT looking forward to hormone shots!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Just a quick note to say I talked with the attorney who will be representing me. We will start on a contract after I pass the psychological evaluation. I also had my pap smear which was normal. I mailed my pap smear results, signed doctor approval form, and signed agency contracts for Brian and I to the agency. I believe the next step will be completing the psych eval. Moving forward! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving forward!

I heard from the agency today. The intended parents decided to move forward with me. Officially, we are matched up! Yay! The next step in the process is the legal contract. I have an attorney that specializes with these types of contracts to contact in the next couple of days. I also had my most recent pap smear last week that I need to request those records and results to be sent to the agency. At the appt, the midwife signed a medical clearance form, so I need to send that. They have already received all my OB/labor/delivery records. Things are moving could be as soon as 3 months and I may be pregnant! Wow! I am excited to fulfill my dream of being a surrogate! I will keep you updated as new things happen.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More waiting......decision time soon

Well, ugh. The agency rep called today to keep me filled in. The intended parents have not made a final decision yet as they are meeting with their attorney tomorrow to discuss some apprehension that they have with the complications only insurance policy. They did not receive all the information/assurance they would have liked through the insurance company and want something more solid before moving forward. Their attorney has had experience with this insurance company or similar insurance policies and may be able to alleviate some of the parent's concerns or get the paperwork that they desire. The agency rep will be contacting me by Friday with more information. At some point, there will be no f urther research that will need to be made and a decision will simply be made if they want to choose me or someone else. The agency rep and I both hope a decision is made soon so things can start moving forward - either with this intended couple or matching me up with someone else. I am excited to move forward and hope it starts sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick update

The agency has been keeping me updated well on the happenings/thoughts of the intended parents. I guess the parents have been busy calling my hospital and clinic to find out a clearer idea of the estimate of charges they may have to pay. They have also been in contact with the complications only insurance plan to inquire about specifics of that. It sounds like the intended mother is ready to move forward. We are just waiting for the intended father to be comfortable with the financial aspects of it all. They are investing A LOT of money into this. I understand the reluctance to enter into a legal contract until they are fully informed. I should know soon if I will be working with this particular couple or not.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Beginning of a Grand Journey

I have been interested in gestational surrogacy for a few years now. In February of 2010, I completed an application for an agency and started the process to become a surrogate. This past weekend, I met my first prospective intended parents and am waiting to hear if they want to continue forward. I am excited to embark on this journey and hope you enjoy learning about and sharing the experience with me.

In the next few days, I plan on pulling some posts or comments from my family blog to get you up to speed. Until then...