Friday, December 21, 2012

Comprehensive Medical and Psychological Appt.

My husband and I left home at 5 AM to travel to Chicago to attend the appointment at the fertility center.  We had blood work, I had a vaginal ultrasound, met with the nurse to discuss scheduling and medication protocol, we had a meeting with the psychologist, then I had to take the MMPI.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat near the clinic, then got out of that crazy, busy, city as fast as we could.  I have become such a country girl.  I don't even like visiting the city anymore.....

My reproductive organs looked great.  However, my blood pressure was slightly high for me at 140/90, then rechecked at 142/90 later in the morning.  Yesterday, I attended my endocrinologist appointment, where I was surprised at the blood pressure numbers at 135/88.  My thyroid levels were a little low.  They increased my dosage from 88 mcg to 100 mcg.  Because of the high BP numbers, I am to get it rechecked at my local clinic and get a medical clearance letter.  I hope these numbers are just a fluke and we can move forward without delay.   They will also let me know the results of all the other tests.

IF everything goes as planned, the end of February will be the embryo transfer. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A new journey moving forward

Meet Enrique and Ricardo from Argentina!   They are in town to take care of some surrogacy business.  Brian and I drove up to Chicago area to meet them in person.  We had a relaxed meeting at the agency.  These guys are genuine and sincere, with great senses of humor.  I am excited about moving forward.  They are comfortable with the blog and me using their first names.

My understanding is that the embryos will be frozen, then transferred to me.  That way, I do not have to synchronize with another woman's cycle.  I was told the egg donor is a beautiful, young woman who is of African/Peurto Rican descent.  This will be her 3rd donation.  Ideally, they will be able to transfer an embryo fertilized from each of them.  They are going to have embryo genetic testing done and will even be able to tell the gender of the embryo.  Pretty amazing.  If possible, they would like to transfer 1 boy and 1 girl.  This all depends on how the embryos thaw and what ones are in the best condition for survival.

If everything goes as planned, they want a transfer between February 23rd to March 2nd.

Next week, we travel to the fertility clinic for my medical and psychological exam.  After I am medically cleared, we can iron out the legal contract and start on hormone injections.

I am ready for a second/final healthy and successful journey.

This is for Enrique's enjoyment:  :)  He was making fun and getting tired of all the Christmas music playing EVERYWHERE he went...even at the hotel pool.  lol


Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Grace!

This past weekend, we drove 3.5 hours to celebrate Grace's birthday with her family.  It was so nice that I was able to meet her family and friends.  Grace's mom and aunt sure know how to give sincere, awesome hugs!  Grace is surrounded with love.  It was wonderful to be included on her special day.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Grace!

I got to see baby Grace today and celebrate her 1 year birthday with her family and friends!  I have picture I will post later!  It was a great day!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Started BCP's today

I started birth control pills today to get my cycle on track where the fertility clinic wants it.  I will have an appt in a couple of weeks where they will do a saline injected vaginal sonogram.  Yippee! .  I will then have blood work done and a psychological evaluation.  As long as everything checks out okay, we can get started on legal contracts and start the more extensive hormone medications/preparations.  The agency gave me the guys e-mail and contact info.  We have exchanged a few friendly e-mails and look forward to meeting each other in person next week.